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Wake Up Now Shut Down

By now, most people in the industry have heard that Wake Up Now shut down.

Kinda makes you think….

Is this Network Marketing thing  just a big scam?

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Thinking about running some FB PPC ADS?

Is your Facebook Fan page a lonely deserted island with no interaction or signs of life at all?

Before you waste a cent on running FB Ads, make sure you go through this whole checklist!


There are several reasons, if you are in business, you should be using a Facebook Fanpage to market and brand your business online.

I was one of those people who was really attached to my Facebook Profile.

I didn’t want to let it go.

The task of moving all of my engagement and interaction over to a Fanpage seemed daunting.

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69 Strange But Highly Converting Headlines!!!

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 1.44.27 PM

Are your headlines repealing your ideal customer? Are you always feeling stuck when it comes to writing headlines that not only will your audience read, but they will love?

It’s ok.

It’s not your fault.

It’s not like you and I were taught in school how to write compelling copy and headlines that people love.

If you were like me in school (I hope not lol) then you didn’t really learn much at all.

Good thing 8 out of the 10 most successful entrepreneurs on the planet dropped out of school.

I digress…


Here today you are going to receive a crash course on headlines. But more importantly how to write catchy “must read” headlines that your followers and website visitors are going to love.

Here’s how:

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tm-image1Want to know the 3 Simple Questions All Top Producers Use Daily To Swim In Sign Ups & New Reps, While The 99% Wallow in Their Failure?

Free Handbook Referenced In The Video -> http://www.Retiredby25.com/top-producer

When Layla and I first learned these simple but highly powerful recruiting questions we didn’t believe they would work so well.

I’m talking going from signing up maybe 1 person a month. To generating 3-5 sign ups each and every week. Some times even on AUTO-PILOT!

Get your hands on this free “Handbook” of the 5 Key Elements of Top Producers here now:

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The Foundation Of A Success Campaign!

imagesGreetings my friend.

If you are brand new to Online Marketing or someone who has never gotten real results. This post is going to BLOW YOUR MIND.

This stuff is the stuff that 6/7/8 figure successful online marketers do whenever they start ANYTHING NEW!


So if you haven’t done any training on your Core Customer, Customer Avatar or Target Market. Congratulations this is your day to step into the GAME.

Before you watch the video I wanted to share with you some ideas of how to get some Target Audience Keyword ideas to use inside of Facebook. Don’t worry if you don’t know what I’m talking about it’s all revealed in the video below.


1) If you are in the weight loss space. I would go to Google and type in “Weight loss magazines.”

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Free Tools to Make Graphics EasyHow can you make sweet graphics?

What Free Tools are out there?

Which ones are the best and simplest to use?

Last night on the Super Women Connection Thursday Night Hangout we opened up our entire toolbox and showed the ladies exactly what our Graphics Team uses to make really simple and easy Graphics, that capture attention, all for FREE.

Why are graphics important?

Think about your phone right now.

When’s the last time you checked Facebook?

Which posts did your scrolling thumb stop on?

Start to take notice of which posts force you to stop and read or watch. Start to ask yourself… why did I like that? Why did I comment? Why did I even stop to look?


Most of the time, unless it’s a video… the answer all starts with the graphic. The colours caught your attention, or the text popped out and spoke to you.

Many people hire graphic designers to create images for them. Yes there are amazing graphic designers out there, but they definitely don’t work for FREE. And if you’re just starting online, your marketing budget may be stretched as is it. I know when Toby and I first got started our online business, we were BORROWING the money for our Marketing Funnel System, and had 30 days to make a commission so we could pay it back. [click to continue…]


Whenever I google something, like “How to Know when your facebook fans are online.” I usually figure… someone else is probably googling it too, right?

Facebook-New-Insights-When-Are-Your-Fans-OnlineI was shocked by how many tools Facebook actually has for Marketers! Not only can you know when you’re fans are online, you can know which posts they loved, which they hated…. you can identify which cities are more responsive to specific posts…. and the list is just crazy.

If you’re new to Fanpages, don’t get overwhelmed or intimidated by the tools Facebook provides to grow your fanpage. Just relax, and understand it’s all there to help you… take it one bite at a time :)

So WHY would you want to know when your Facebook Fans are online anyways??


So you can get the most eyeballs on your posts as possible, and you can focus your engagement time as much as possible. Cause let’s face it… if you don’t limit yourself to a designated “Fanpage Engagement” time period, you could spend your whole day doing nothing but that. World social media network [click to continue…]


Facebook-mobile-Desktop-Site-linkI created this tutorial on “How to Use the Desktop Version of Facebook on your Mobile Phone” because I WAS SEARCHING FOR THE ANSWER!

I wanted to upload a photo from my mobile phone, to an Album in a group that I manage. For more training on using Facebook to build your business don’t miss our weekly workshops! Free Registration Here.

After searching the internet and reading through jumbled up articles, I finally figured it out. This tutorial will solve a few different problems and roadblocks you run into when trying to use the Mobile Facebook App.

The answer to using Facebook on your phone just like you would on your laptop or desktop computer, is actually surprisingly simple!

Watch the simple tutorial below to see a step by step guide on switching to the Desktop version of Facebook, from your smart phone.

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Increase Traffic to your Business with a Facebook Fanpage [Private Webinar]

Getting customers through your front door is getting harder and harder…. (or is it?)

Many Brick and Mortar businesses are struggling to keep their doors open, and overhead costs seem to be rising. Especially when competing with virtual stores like Amazon, and online shoppers who are buying all their clothes/shoes/groceries/and everything else you could imagine… on the INTERNET.

Increasing Traffic to your business has nothing to do with the amount of cars that go past your shop.

How can you get your brand in front of the masses?

transit.4.bNewspaper ads are expensive and with most people reading their news online, it’s almost obsolete. Radio? Tell me the last time you didn’t flip through your presets when the commercials came on… if you even listen to Radio with ads at all anymore. Flyers more often then not, end up in the trash. Maybe your face on a bus? hehe.

Do traditional Marketing methods work?

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Feeling Stuck In Your Biz & Life?

feeling-stuckOver the past 5 years or so Layla and I have been teaching
the methods of the 4 Hour Work Week to our team members,
clients and coaching members.

We have seen all kinds of results from someone going from
not knowing what a home business is, to in 90 days making
around $4,7888 a month and traveling the US like she has
never done before.

…And we have also seen results of NOTHING!

At the end of the day it really comes down to how much
you want to succeed. And what is it driving you forward?
If you have never heard of the 4 Hour Work Week. It basically
is a manual of how to live your life like the “new rich” utilizing
businesses to develop an Semi-Auto or Fully-Automated income

…Meaning you get paid even when you don’t work that day.

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