29 Year Old Single Mom Has Something to SAY About Toby and Layla & Numis Network

Hey Rockstars!

Sabrina Walker Toby and LaylaYou all Remember our 29 Year Old Single Mom, Sabrina Walker, from Boston right? She drove 23 Hours to Tampa with her 3 year old little girl to meet us!

We got a lot of really amazing feedback from some strong leaders out there.

Our video with Sabrina actually inspired another team member, Golda Smith, to get in her car in Atlanta and drive all the way through the night to Tampa for our company’s Super Saturday.

That’s Inspiration!

So watch Sabrina’s video here today….

Visit Sabrina’s Blog, she is hilarious and very genuine! We love this girl, she totally rocks! She is such a dedicated leader. She sat and took notes all day at our house, she’s doing presentations, she’s designing websites, she is committed to her business!


Now this is the interesting part. We are looking for more Rockstars like Sabrina Walker. Right now we are looking for a couple of serious movers and shakers that want to run with the most talked about couple inside of Numis Network and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN LIKE ROCKSTARS!

Click on the Rockstars Wanted Sign and get your name and number entered. If you aren’t serious enough to leave your number…. don’t worry about it, you’re not the right Rockstar! 🙂

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  • Neisha Simpson

    By the way i’m a single mom to so sabrina you are another inspiration to me also , thankyou ladies !

  • Neisha Simpson

    Great stuff you are an inspiration for all ladies out there . We need to step our game in this industry and help you out layla thanks

  • Fefe the Prosperity Genie

    Awesome commitment! It was great to meet up with you guys as well and amazing how eager you both were to answer questions, take pics and shoot videos. I’m inspired to want to give and learn more. Thanks, keep rockin.

  • Toby & Layla

    Niko, we are extremely excited to work with you closely!! Thanks for the Comment, Sabrina is a trooper. A lot of people could learn some very valuable lessons from her.

    Looking forward to doing big things together!

  • Niko Mercuris

    Congrats Sabrina! good job on the video too,

    I too was impressed with Toby and Layla when they called me personally and spent valuable time on the phone with me and helped me to get a better understandiing of what they do, Fortunately for me, I live 20 minutes from them so hopefully they dont get sick of me around!! just kiddin,
    Keep up the good work!


  • clarence Kontio

    Toby and LAYLA The more people you help people and team member

    the more you are going to get from the both business systems.

    Keep on help people because what come around go around it is

    the System. It is law of Attraction in people too. .

  • Sabrina Walker

    If your in Boston lets connect locally and build this empire! 617.504.5323

  • jdavid moffitt

    great stuff I am in ct lets connect

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