360 Degrees Family Prelaunch: What is 360 Family and is it a Scam?

360 Family and their “prelaunch” has been popping up here and there on various Social Networks. We wanted to do some research on 360 Family and give you the full scoop on this New Network Marketing company.

The 360 Family website uses a lot of ad copy stating that they are a “Trend Setters” and are Pioneering a New Category.

With 33 days until 360 Family launches, finding details on their products isn’t an easy feat.

It looks as though the 360 Family Products are toxin free.

“We believe in Smart Products in all areas of life, and that’s what we bring to the world.”

They don’t get into the details of whether they are selling food, or soap, or cleaning products.

However, does this pitch sound like a new category?

How many other Network Marketing business are positioning their products as toxin free?

Is health & wellness not the most prominent category in Network Marketing? What kind of category is being pioneered here?

Okay, so let’s look at the 360 Family compensation plan.

Unfortunately details of the compensation plan with 360 Family are not yet released. So people
are expected to join blind… not knowing the products or the payplan.


Will another Health and Wellness MLM last in this business?

Before you decide to “Lock in Your Spot”… consider the competition.

This is a category that has massive competition from MLM companies that are extremely established!

Are you looking to be at the top of a NEW category in Network Marketing, not just at the top of a New MLM company doing the exact same thing?

If you look at other MLM companies that have truly pioneered new categories, you can see the trend.

  • Herbalife: The 1ST Company to Market Weightloss

  • Avon: The 1ST company to Market Cosmetics

  • Amway: The 1st company to Market Household Products

If you ARE Locking in Your Spot with 360 Degrees you need to be branding YOURSELF as a leader. You absolutely MUST set yourself apart from the other Health & Wellness reps out there. If you currently aren’t using a system to brand yourself and generate leads online you need to check out MyLeadSystemPro, the #1 Attraction Marketing System on the Internet.

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