5 Star Leaders in My Video Talk – Toby & Layla Expose How They Did It!

Most of you know our story, but just to paint a vivid picture for you….

18 Months ago we were 2 Twenty Something Musicians… Broke and Living in the Basement of a Bar, playing in a band.. with $40 between us and not a CLUE about our future.

Today is a milestone in the history of Rockstar Marketing. With the help of an incredible team of leaders, like Tabatha Ricketts in Maryland… and Rachael Macgregor in the UK, Deborah Fortune Stott in Las Vegas…. we reached the second highest level in MyVideoTalk, 5 STAR G! 🙂

You know what the incredible thing is???

The leadership that has risen up from the BRAND NEW Rockstars, who started their journey with us only last week…. has Blown us away. Marisol Dennis, a 10 Year Cancer Kickin Warrior and Single Mom… who came in the team last week, and she was not taking NO for an answer… now she’s qualified for the VIP Party in Ceasar’s Palace in Las Vegas Nevada! We are so thankful that she is out of the hospital and back home kickin’ butt with us!

Jay Precious who went “Team Builder” in his first day and now has 4 new Rockstars in his first week! And our man who spoke on the Rockstar Conference Call last night…Camilo Machado, who’s got the system down to a science  and is sponsoring new team members every day. And I could never forget the Teenage Rockstar that is going to unite Young Entrepreneurs, Joshua Mobley…. This boy is turning HEADS!

(Oh and if you add any of these Rockstars on Facebook or Pop on their Blog, make sure to use a personal message…. so they know you are a real person that saw their name on Toby and Layla’s blog!)

So How Did We Do It??

Maybe you just skipped ahead because that text was larger but look up. See that team? There are so many more stories just that, so many breakthroughs that are happening by the MINUTE… you now see how we hit 5 Star in MyVideoTalk. We have a team that has “No Excuses” that is driven by desire, belief, and passion!

We have have the LEADERSHIP and MENTORSHIP that so many Internet Marketers lack.

MyVideoTalk, and Mel and Amie Gill have given us a gift. We truly would not be here without them. These are two owners of a company where the moment we met them we knew we were home.

The mission of MyVideoTalk and the Rockstar Movement: WE ARE CHANGING PEOPLES LIVES.

This is a mission that we are passionate about, as our team knows … with the introduction of One on One coaching schedules, and Extensive support. Our goal is to help you achieve yours, flat out.

And We Are Succeeding!!!!

Press Play and Hear the Video Where We Expose You To Secret That Made Us Go 5 Star in MyVideoTalk, and If 2 Broke Musicians Can Do It… You Can Too!

If You Are Ready to Create YOUR Success Story Click the Url Below and Enter Your Name and Phone Number. Let’s Rock and Roll and Make This Your BreakOut Year Too!!!


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  • timothy willan

    Yes! It’s amazing how fast you two have grow! Now 5 star! CONGRATS!

  • timothy willan

    Trully is amazing what you two are doing so fast! NOW

  • Steven Schmeltzle

    Congrats guys! I am happy the two of you could achieve this level of success. Just one more reason to show people that it doesn’t matter where you are right now. Get your butt out there and get to it!

  • Tabatha Ricketts

    My new 5 STAR’s! I’m so Super Excited for you Guys!!! You truly deserve it. You guys are POWERFUL!! Thank you for your leadership and empowerment!

  • Juan Jose Dorantes

    Wow! Toby & Layla super rockstars!…FIVE STAR G!..Congratulations guys!

    I am so happy, because in a few days i´ll be part of MVT team….

    …I want to learn everything about your marketing strategies.. 🙂

    Thanks for share your knowledge!

  • buff

    I’m not even surprised but totally thrilled for you!!! Congratulations!!!!
    You two are the best leaders ever!

  • Viviann Napp

    You two are great role models and inspire us to follow in your foot steps. Congratulations!!!

  • Venessa

    That is absolutely incredible. In such a short time so much success.You guys deserve everything coming your way. You worked your butts off!

  • KarenMonasingh

    Congrats guys to both deserve it.. You both are always giving and over giving. So, now it is harvest time. You get it back 100 fold… That’s what it is all about…

  • Darrell Evans

    Toby and Layla – You two epitomize the phrase “work ethic.” Since joining the team and witnessing what I’ve seen in the last week or so there is no question that I’m in the right place…CONGRATULATIONS!

  • Graham

    Awesome I am so HAPPY FOR YOU BOTH !!!!!!!!!!!!
    talk soon Graham

  • jaime mondestin

    Incredible you guys congratulation

  • Philip Blackett

    CONGRATULATIONS to my good friends, mentors, business partners and now 5 STAR G’s Toby and Layla! It’s so amazing how far you two have progressed, and I’m so blessed to have you two as I continue my journey with the ROCKSTAR team!

    Rock n’ Roll, eh? 😉


  • Monica D. Williams

    Toby and Layla, CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve all the abundance that is flowing to you because you decided to attract it, to be it, to do it. You two youngins’ are showing outstanding leadership, and I am honored to be runnin’ with the both of you. I’m watchin’ your footwork, and duplicating your steps. One Love!

  • Yvar Belotte- Online Business Developer

    WoW! I’m so excited for you guys! You guys are the best leaders! Always giving and sharing and truly cares about the team! Hard work always pays off!

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