5 Step Formula for Persuasion: Online Marketing Sales Copy Secrets

What Sets Apart GREAT Sales Copy Online from Just Words On a Screen?

This Video is an extremely Popular training that Toby and I Created a Few Months ago. There was so many incredible Comments and Testimonials from our followers that implemented this 5 Step Formula… and saw IMMEDIATE RESULTS… We figured it was time to dig it out from the vault and share it with YOU.

The Secret to Massive Wealth in the Online Marketing game is DEFINITELY all in the Sales Copy. The simple change of a sentence or a couple verbs could be the difference between a $1200 day or a $89,000 day!

There are 5 KEY Factors to Sales Copy Online, that when combined together properly … can be like a license for Printing Money!!!

Watch the Video That Has Helped Thousands Achieve Higher Results in Their Quest for High Impact Sales Copy That Is Proven to Create a Flow of Cash When Marketing Online!

Don’t Miss the New and Updated Part II of This Persuasion Training Series to Give You The Real Time Examples of What’s Working RIGHT NOW With Sales Copy.


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  • Brad Scott

    great training guys

  • Raphael Mavi

    That was one heck of a brief training. Never seen all those points listed in one place like this 🙂
    Thank you guys!

  • Etieno Etuk

    Awesome post, Toby & Layla. You guys provide a lot of gold nuggets. You’re greatly appreciated.


  • Angelo Ianniccari

    Wow, your leadership and training has taught me so much and provided me with the skills that I needed to become even more successful day by day..Thank you!

  • Eric Burnett

    Great Post Toby & Layla, I’ve learn so much from you guys.. I just wanted to actually take the time out of my busy day of building my business to say thank you for everything you have done to help me prosper in my business.


  • mike rao-Leadership coach

    Awesome information Thank You..Btw, following your Blogging Secrets course my blog, in 17 days has moved up 8,500,000 places on Alexa..Thank you..I have a screen shot to prove it.

  • Vibha

    this is amazing.. you guys rock 🙂

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