69 Strange But Highly Converting Headlines!!!

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Are your headlines repealing your ideal customer? Are you always feeling stuck when it comes to writing headlines that not only will your audience read, but they will love?

It’s ok.

It’s not your fault.

It’s not like you and I were taught in school how to write compelling copy and headlines that people love.

If you were like me in school (I hope not lol) then you didn’t really learn much at all.

Good thing 8 out of the 10 most successful entrepreneurs on the planet dropped out of school.

I digress…


Here today you are going to receive a crash course on headlines. But more importantly how to write catchy “must read” headlines that your followers and website visitors are going to love.

Here’s how:

Headlines, just like any form of sales copy. are a series of words you and I can utilize to do many amazing things. You can use words to powerfully effective your readers state of mind, emotion, thought process, their mood and even in some deep, deep cases reprogram a persons entire DNA structure.

Crazy, isn’t it?

Just from words.


Let me tell you a story.


A few years ago when we first started studying sales copy and the art of writing killer headlines. I wrote a sales letter script that made Layla and I over 6 figures in just 5 months.

This was from a $97 product price point.

How crazy is that?

You can actually write down words that can (almost like magic) make you money. Of course the person you are writing the sales copy for has to have the issue you are trying to solve. Or have a genuine interest in what you have to offer but neither the less you can write a headline, blog post, email or sales letter script and make money.


Copywriting is one of the main skills we have our clients focus on. Why? Because it doesn’t matter what niche or market you are in…


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Below you are going to find the 69 Strange But Highly Converting Headlines for you to swipe and deploy into your own business.

But before we get there…

I want to go over foundational stuff about writing copy. So in the future you will always know how to craft a high converting piece of copy.


Let’s dive in…

The Money is in the PAIN?

First thing I was you to check out is something I call the Pain Vs. Pleasure Method. Is in its simplest form…

This is you deciding whether you are going to make your headline about a pain your target audience has…

Or make it about them seeking some sort of gain, result or pleasure you know they want…


For example:

Headline Driven on Pain:

Hate Yourself When You Look In The Mirror?

Headline Driven on Pleasure:

See How You Can Lose 10LBS in 7 Days Without Dieting!


You see the difference?

Of course you do, your smart.


Now both of these headline formula’s work. One will work better for some markets and vice versa.

It really depends on your objective and who you are talking too.

Now you may be wondering can you put them together. Meaning we could have a Pain & Please headline rather than a Pain Vs. Pleasure.


Yes you can.


For Example:

Do you hate yourself when you look in the mirror? See How I lost 10LBS in 7 days without dieting.


In that example all I did was combine them together. But it’s the same formula. You lead with a pain point and then include the massive pleasure or result your target audience wants.

You could also turn them around. Meaning you lead with a massive pleasure point and then throw in the pain point.


For Example:

See How I Generated 237 Leads in 24 Hours Without Throwing Away Money or Wasting My Time.


Either way you put them. It’s powerful.

Next magical copy writing nugget you can take away is…


Use Specifics & Be Odd

When you are creating your headline you want to be as specific as possible and not general. It’s human nature to believe details. So when you are crafting a headline about a strategy.

Don’t just say something like …

“See how my Facebook strategy generated me leads”

You would want to be specific and say…

“See How my Never Before Shared Facebook PPC Strategy Generated me 237 Leads in Just 24 hours!”


You feel the different?

Of course you do.


Now the name of this method is Use Specifics & Be Odd. What is the ODD all about?

Well Be ODD is you using ODD numbers in your marketing. Instead of using round and sound numbers… Use numbers like 7,13,69 (lol) etc…

Don’t ask me how.

It just converts higher!


Another amazing copywriting technique is…

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 2.41.09 PM

Bored With Features Where’s The Benefits.


1 of the most common mistakes rookie copywriters make when they are writing a compelling headline. Is boring people with the features. Instead of priming them with the benefits.

Here are some examples so you fully get it….


Without The Benefits:

Using our viral blogging platform you will be able to communicate more efficiently with your customers on the most cutting edge platform in the market place.

With the Benefits:

Using our viral blogging platform you will be able to communicate more efficiently with your customers (saving you time and money) on the most cutting edge platform in the market place. This allows you to brand your business like a pro and make sales on autopilot.

See the difference?


Now if you want to be a good copywriter you could stop there but if you want to be a “money grabbing” copywriting ninja…


You should go deeper?


Glad you asked.


You would actually expand on the main benefit.



Using our viral blogging platform you can communicate quickly and easily with your customers (saving you time and money.) on the most cutting edge platform in the market place. This allows you to brand your business like a pro and make sales on autopilot. Hint: When you make sales on autopilot you can invest your time into the things you love. Like fishing, golfing, traveling or whatever your heart desires.


Now that we have covered some beginners/intermediate copywriting skills.


Let’s check out these headlines:


1) 69 Strange But Highly Converting Headlines


2) The Unspoken Truth About Weirdly Successful Bloggers


3) 7 Figure High-School Failure Discovers Copy & Paste Blogging System


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8) See How Neil Patel Earned $1,000,000 Blogging Before He Was 28


9) Do You Recognize the 13 Early Warning Signs of Blogging Failure?


10) If You Don’t Read This Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Late.


11) I’ve Lied to You for 4 years Now


12) The Biggest Lie In Internet Marketing!


13) 19 Shocking Mistakes Killing Your Online Biz


14) Don’t Try Blogging Without Reading This Post First


15) Not Following This Simple 3 Step Method May Be Dangerous To Your Bank Account!


16) Not viewing this Blog post May Be Causing You To Lose Out On Your Future…


17) At Last, The Secret To Autopilot Commissions Revealed


18) The Blind Risk Hiding In Your Marketing Message!


19) Why you shouldn’t Blog…


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22) The Ugly Truth About Internet Marketing…


23) What Your Upline Won’t Tell You And How It Can Save Your Home Biz.


24) What Everybody Ought to Know About Blogging!


25) Your Ego Doesn’t Want You To Read This Post…


26) The Sooner You Know How To Properly Write Headlines The Better


27) Where Residual Income Truly Comes from And How To Get It.


28) Discover The 100 Leads A Day Secret


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31) You, a full time online marketer…


32) Stop throwing money away…


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34) How To become a high paid copywriter When You follow our entire 12-step system.


35) There’s Big residual income In Blogging!


36) You Don’t Have to Be A Rocket Scientist to be financially free online.


37) Little Known Ways to Make an Extra $3,786 a month with blogging.


38) How to turn a new blog into a residual income machine.


39) How To Build a true residual income You Can Bet On.


40) Get Rid of your Lack of Leads Problem Once and For All


41) Improve/Increase Your Lead Gen In 24 hours


42) Imagine making money while you are on the golf course And Loving Every Minute Of It


43) Here’s a Quick Way to generate 50 free leads everyday


44) Get more sales Without generating more leads!


45) The Lazy Bloggers Way to financial freedom online.


46) How To Make People Line Up And Beg To Work With You!


47) How To Get more clicks, traffic and sales Out Of your Blog.


48) How To generate 100+ targeted leads a day When You’re Not Working


49) No failed campaigns Just Profitable PPC Campaigns Everyday


50) Never Suffer From Lack of Leads Again


51) The Quickest & Easiest Way To Make Money Online


52) If You Can Copy & Paste You Can Earn Money with this System!


53) How You Can work less and earn more Almost Instantly


54) How To Become an expert in your niche When You complete our total refresh system.


55) Here is a Method That is Helping Experienced Bloggers to Get More Visitors To Their Site


56) Blogging Hacking With These 7 “Easy To Do” Methods…


57) Savvy People Do This Strategy Daily!


58) Why I Hate Facebook (And Maybe You Should Too)


59) How To Blog like A 7 Figure Earner


60) The easy lead ten method That every 6/7 figure blogger Is Talking About


61) Join 63,879 of Your Peers that have opted into our email newsletter


62) More Subscribers on your list daily Like A BOSS


63) How 97 Newbies Earned Over $100,000 in Less Than a Year!


64) The $3879.67 a Day Man Reveals Ways To Quit Your Hated Job in 90 Days or Less…


65) Why 100’s of People daily are joining our team


66) A Simple Way To get more clicks, leads and sales That Works For Newbies…


67) How to brand yourself Like Apple


68) How To Win Friends & Influence People


69) See Our Exact 3 Step Process For Generating 15 New Customers Daily (It’s Easier Than You Think)

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 2.49.39 PM



We made it.

Man that was harder work than I thought lol.

Now that you have seen some pretty amazing copy in action…

I want you to do 3 things…


  1. Bookmark this post or copy and paste the list to your computer.
  2. Read the list again, and again. Then write them out by hand. (I’m serious.)
  3. Swipe and Deploy these into your business.


That’s right. Edit them so they make sense to your niche and fire them off into your biz.

You will get Results!

As you are reading through the headlines and the copy on this page. You will notice I am using a number of NLP techniques for persuasion or influence. Some of the headlines use social proof or success with numbers. Some of the headlines use threat or pain techniques. And some of them focus on the gain. Remember what we spoke about in the beginning of this post.

People will buy for two reasons…

  1. To Escape Pain
  2. Or Gain Pleasure


The first one is WAY MORE POWERFUL. That’s why industries that are revolved around pain points (weight lose, insurance etc…) have such a huge impact with their audience.

Most of the advertising is fear or pain based. This causes your target audience to really take to heart what you are talking about. Your not just telling them about all the wonderful things they can have or are going to have.


You are painting them a vivid picture of how bad life will be if they don’t take action on whatever it is you are trying to get them to do. From here on out whenever you watch tv, a movie, read a magazine or listen to the radio or browse Facebook…I want you to be observing from a copywriters mindset.


See how businesses, brands and marketers utilize sales copy tactics to influence their target audience. You can have a license to print money when you properly implement good copy techniques.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 2.52.38 PM


A few years ago when Layla and I bought our first home. I decided to do a little test. A test to see how powerful the copy writing tactics that I had learned were

I wanted to see if I could pay the entire down payment in full by just leveraging copywriting.


Layla and I put our heads together for a few days and spoke with 100’s of people on our list. We asked them what they thought the biggest problem or issue was that was holding them back from breaking through.


We then crafted a webinar series around all the feedback.

I then wrote a few emails, built a capture page and wrote a webinar script.

We launched the coaching program and BOOM!!!!


I had earned the entire down payment for the house and a little bit more within 1 hour.

It’s a pretty crazy story some might not even believe.


I tell you this story for the power of copywriting to sink in.



What to know something even cooler than that? You don’t have to be a master copywriter to start to see amazing results. The reason is 97% of people in every niche don’t know how to do it. Or even know there is a better way.

You my friend have just jumped to the 3%!


Now it’s your turn…


What market or niche are you in and how are you going to utilize these copy techniques to better your business?

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  • Erik Christian Johnson

    Thanks Toby and Layla! It’s all about the Copy. Titles make or break a post.

    Love your website. You guys rock!

    Hey, it’s been awhile since you posted, where are you??

  • Toby & Layla

    The headline is the first thing people see right? That tells them… should I click this or not? Will it serve me … or not? The first decision happens at the headline.

  • Toby & Layla

    Knowing your avatar is the most profitable practice you can integrate into your marketing. Without it… it’s like speaking to a deaf audience with a megaphone. Just doesn’t work.

    Glad you got a ton of value from this David

  • David Book

    Super valuable post!

    I agree that in order to write solid headlines, you should really take into account the pain points that you have identified for your target market, or avatar. Toby and Layla, you guys definitely know your stuff, and I appreciate you sharing the knowledge!

    Thanks Again! 🙂

  • Gerald Rudio

    Thanks for this info. Headlines are important since building a list plays a big part in your business. Now it’s time to get eyes on us!

    – Gerald Rudio

  • Toby & Layla

    One of the biggest bloggers on the planet says he spends just as much time on his headline as he does his 2k word content, if you can believe that! Headlines are so critical. Using what you learn in this post… try your hand at creating your own 🙂 Share some of them here!

  • Bill Rupert

    These headlines are going to take my marketing to a new level. Thanks so much for blogging about this – I bookmarked it so I can come back and refer to it again and again.

  • Toby & Layla

    Well Toby would say that the money is always in the Pain. 😉

    Appreciate the love Matt. We keep a swipe file of headlines and compelling ads and graphics. If it works in catching my eye, it will work on catching the eye of others.

  • Matt Zavadil

    Fantastical post here! I’ve already bookmarked this page so I can visit often and swipe, swipe, swipe away 🙂 I’m always going back and forth between “do I make it about the pain or the pleasure” so I liked your take on this. Gonna focus more on combining the two going forward and see how that does for me. Thanks for this…

  • Toby & Layla

    Hahaha that email had a crazy open rate… glad so many people still want to be friends!!!!!

    YES, we have a folder on our computer specifically for swiping peoples copy… lol.

    That’s one thing to always remember… if it worked for you… you clicked, opened, watched etc… someone else will too!

  • Laura Mills

    The headlines are so great I’m a bit upset there are not links to the articles. 😉 Especially #65 & 66. Thanks for always sharing your wealth of knowledge!

  • Kelly Colby

    Awesome content. You are killer at headlines, do you want to know how I know? I received an email from you that said “I unfriended you” in the title. My heart did a little dive. Seriously. How ridiculous is that? And I opened it and of course you didn’t unfriend me, you just wrote a killer headline.

    I swipe your stuff. Because you are awesome. I do it and I learn why you are doing what you do and then I put my voice and energy on it. You are my favorite person to swipe from so I am glad you give us free reign to swipe away!

  • Toby & Layla

    You have learned a lot because you PAY ATTENTION Terri… it’s amazing what you can learn by simply watching the people that are getting the results you want. You’re a great example of a student who learns, models, and IMPLEMENTS!

  • Toby & Layla

    You know we love to do it Sexy Styles!!!! Which was your fave?

  • Toby & Layla

    Swiper no Swiping! HAHAHAH

    Just kidding. The whole purpose of this blog post is so you can swipe it in your own marketing. Would love to see you try to write some headlines of your own! Would be happy to give some feedback! Appreciate you Emily!

  • Toby & Layla

    Awww poppy, thanks for the awesome comment. This is definitely a great resource for you to reference in your own blog post.

    From what you learned in this blog post… shoot us a headline of your own. Would love to see you infuse yourself into these headlines.

  • Toby & Layla

    And people love getting more bang for their buck.

    If you can do the same amount of work, but get better results…

    Who the heck wouldn’t want that Right?

  • Lawrence Tam

    i like
    44) Get more sales Without generating more leads!

    it’s the “without” that triggers getting something by missing some pain.

    great roundup!

  • Poppy Krajewski

    Wow awesome post – I so appreciate you guys sharing this knowledge, I will be printing this list out and learning as much as I can so that I can blog with more influence! Thank you for all that you are 🙂 xo

  • Emily la Grange

    OOh thank you for this uber packed training! Over delivered as always! I will indeed be swiping away, thanks a mil 😀

  • Sheena Yap Chan

    damn layla, these headlines are damn sexy that it will make people want to read
    thanks for sharing this

  • Toby & Layla

    Ya Alecia we want you to swipe em and put into action in your biz. Let us know your results. Appreciate you.

  • Alecia Stringer

    Awesome, I hope we can use these. You always set new standards!

  • Terri Nicholson

    Toby and Layla…. I have learnt SO much from your copywriting blogs and emails and trainings. ALl I can say is WOW …. AGAIN!!!!!
    Thanks so much. x Terri

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