87% of Americans Hate Their Jobs

posttweetIt’s Monday morning and 87% of workers in the United States do not want to go to work. A recent study shows that Americans hate their jobs more than ever before in the past 20 years.

So they pulled themselves away from their pillows and now they are ready to face the 5 long bleak days ahead. However with 13 Million jobless right now in America we all know how they should feel about their job – fortunate.


Sunday night, more than ¾ of the population cry themselves to sleep and only find true happiness at 5:01 on Friday.

We are all told the same thing, start at the bottom and work your way up the corporate ladder.

Is there not a problem right from the start?

We are trying to move up, but the person above us isn’t willing to teach us what they know or help us get there because then they are out of a job.

Workers want to work less hours for more money, and Employers want them to work more hours for less money.

No wonder Corporate America isn’t working.

These are the 2 factors that are causing the Home Based Business arena to absolutely explode.

–         More People are Unemployed and Need Extra Income

–         More People absolutely hate their jobs, feel trapped, and want a way out

You will often hear the word “Timing” in business.

If you are a day late and a dollar short… you are going no where.

Every Single Week:

–         1 Million individuals come online looking for a “Work from Home” opportunity

–         200,000 New Distributors start up in a Network Marketing Company

I_hate_Mondays_by_Comacouch30 years ago when someone lost their job, they could sell their house and move to a part of the country that was flourishing with opportunity. Today, houses won’t sell and one cities job opportunities don’t seem to differ from the other.

So what are people doing? They are working from home, and they are doing it online.

Network Marketing got a bad name because people didn’t want to pitch their friends and families on their business opportunities. They didn’t want to sit and cold call leads. They didn’t want to recruit people at the mall.

Why is Network Marketing exploding so quickly? Because people are now open minded to something other than a punch clock and the Internet is changing how the Industry works.

Are you currently running a Non-profit organization from the discomfort of your own home, or are you shackled to a punch clock, Monday to Friday?

If you are ready to Fire Your Boss, and Build a successful home based business leveraging the Internet and learn to love your Mondays… click here:


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  • Dani

    loved your post. I’m gonna show this to my (future) bf heh. Hope you’re having a great Sunday. – Dani

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