90 Day Challenge: Week 1 Report (Is the Hype True?)

The 90 Day Challenge has officially started for Layla’s family here in Canada.

When I brought the Challenge to our families, the timing couldn’t have been better.

2012 is the year to Make a BIG SPLASH. Everyone is feeling that burning desire inside of them to  make massive Waves this year. The past 2 years have been extremely stressfull, depressing, and down right difficult for MANY people. 2012 is a time for a Fresh Start and a New Beginning.

Why shouldn’t we have the dream bodies we’ve always wanted?

So after week 1 everyone is eager to see our Results.


Quin Staats (Sister) – Down 6 lbs

Tricia Staats (Mom) – Down 10 lbs

Toby Black (Me) – Down 9 lbs

Layla Black (Wifey) – Down 7 lbs


Yes, you can clap for that… cause it’s freakin awesome!!! As you can bet, the Family (Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grandmas) are all eager to get started this Wednesday at the Staats Family’s Kickoff Challenge Party!

Think about 1 lb of ground beef. Look at that picture and then think about your body. Maybe you have 5 or 10 lbs of extra “Holiday Weight”. Now imagine 10 of those packs of ground beef just stuck to your body. Ewww.

Not only is our whole family Starting the 90 Day Challenge….

Hundreds of Marketers all around North America have joined us in our 90 Day Challenge as well! In our first 24 hours, Layla and I became the #1 Enrollers in the ENTIRE COMPANY…. Qualified for 2 BMWs and helped Lawrence Tam qualify for his BMW. We’ve Popped 1 National Director, 1 Regional Director and 12 Rising Stars!


Can you say Momentum… Can you say opportunity?

What Happens When You Bring a Viral Emotional Product that WORKS to the Internet, and Partner That with the Top 4 Income Earners in Empower Network (So Leaders That KNOW How to Market)?

You’ve already seen it happening out there. Things get Crazy, Records get Shattered, and with our Secret Weapon HOLDING TANK a lot of lives are about to Change.

If you’re ready to create a Breakthrough year and Finally let go of the extra weight and extra worry of 2011… Fill Out the Form Below and Join the Challenge Alongside Thousands of Inspired People.

Haven’t Filled Out the Form Yet?

I wasn’t going to do this but I want to be 100% transparent.

Layla didn’t want this picture to hit the Internet until she had an Incredible AFTER SHOT to put beside it. (But honestly you should see the difference in just one week) She said something very profound when I asked her about adding it to the blog post.

“Yes, put it up there! That picture has kept me more Driven and Determined than every before in my life. I am releasing that body of 2011 and releasing all the baggage that came with it. Show the World because I am not afraid anymore.” – Layla Black

Fill Out the Form to Get More Information or If You’ve SEEN ENOUGH and You Are Ready to ROCK the 90 Day Challenge with Toby and Layla Click Here Now!

PS. Make sure to Leave Layla some comment Love because she really had to dig deep to put this Picture online… I am so proud of her!

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  • Brandon Murray

    You guys are true rockstars…Live It UP!
    But anyways, wanted to say congrats and look forward to hearing of much more success 🙂

  • Tanisha

    congrats to you guys this is very courageous

  • Santoria Harris

    Great! I Love it!

  • Jenny Twaddle

    I’m looking forward to seeing your after pictures!

  • Valerie

    Congratulations, Toby and Layla for your courage to put yourself out there and the discipline to get it it done. You both are so inspirational.

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