A 10 Year Old Crashes Mark Hoverson’s Party

Today’s little clip is a funny one. You’ve got to love the minds of the young. Mark Hoverson has a special guest sit in on his seminar!

This 10 year old girl will crack you up, BUT listen CAREFULLY to how Mark Hoverson handles her and specifically the things he says.

If there is one thing you can capture from this quick video, other than a good chuckle is this….

“Every Sermon needs to be spoke to a 12 year old.”

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  • Chris Bernardo

    Gotta Love kids and What they do!! They have such free spirits and can learn a lot from them

  • Virginia Delaski

    So true , kids are our greatest teachers !

  • Krisna

    I Love Mark! This is just so classic, too! Thanks for sharing you guys! I have a 2.5 year old and 1 year old, and my presentation skills are improving because of them….THere’s something to be said for keeping things entertaining! See you in Vegas!

  • Pamela

    That was great! Thanks for sharing. Anyone who references Wesley during an MLM talk on a cruise ship scores high points with me:)

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