A Major “Don’t” on Facebook Chat when Marketing Online

With the Social Media Bootcamp starting Sept 22, and the Overwhelming Response from the public to Pre-register… I HAD to make this blog post.

Not only will you learn Exactly what to DO, SAY, and POST in this 3 week Intensive Mastermind…. but you’ll learn what NOT to do. This is a classic Example.

We all know that Facebook is the biggest baddest website on the planet, and there are more people connected on Facebook than the world has every encountered before. So the largest Marketing playing field that’s ever existed… you’re bound to get a few people that treat it like a Warzone and drop their landmines as many places as possible. Hence the creation of SPAM.

Why is Facebook Chat so Effective?

  • Real Time Interaction with people that are on Facebook at this Exact Moment

  • You can get their reply instantly

  • Now can even do Video Chat on Facebook.

  • Simulates a Real Conversation that you’d have with a friend or contact

Press PLAY and See The Critical Mistake this Marketer Made when Trying to Prospect me on Facebook Chat so That You Can Make Sure You Never Do the Same!


  1. How long have you been in the industry?
  2. What about your last job made you look at the home business realm?
  3. Has your family been effected by this economy?
  4. How are you mainly recruiting new reps right now?
  5. How are you marketing your business?

I could keep going and going… but the BOTTOM LINE is, make the conversation about them. And personalize it as much to them as possible. Check out their profile, find out where they are from, if they have kids etc etc etc. Do NOT immediately show them your business… build the BRIDGE first!

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YES! I Want to See the Bootcamp

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  • Etieno Etuk

    Awesome video, Layla. You’re so right. It’s important to make your chat conversations about the other person and find out how you can help them reach their goals. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • timothy willan

    Great job guys! Hope to see ya soon!

  • Tia Dillard

    Thanks for sharing. I need to share this with a few of my friends.

  • Brian Farello

    Great article! I think there are too many people asking the wrong questions when prospecting and that people can definitely gain some great insights by reading it.

  • James Ratcliffe

    If you don’t make the ‘cut’, YOU GET THE BOOT !! LOL LOL
    Even too many onions in a great tomatoe sauce is bllaaahh.

  • Ashley

    I agree that it is generally the excitement of their opportunity that makes people relate (for want of a better word!) in this way. Hopefully they do either get training on social media etiquette,which is the short route, or learn the hard way by discovering that that approach does not, and will never,ever..work!

  • Rebecca Chmielewski

    I think all excited “newbies” do this. I am so thankful for the new thinking I have acquired through people like you Layla and so many others who have actually made network marketing more enjoyable :o) Let’s help people…not hound them.

  • Alecia

    Yes, this is so frustrating. People simply do not listen to one another.

  • Joanna

    Omg it happened to me as well it’s so annoying when you trying to create the relationship and they on about their opportunity

  • Jaime

    I wanted to thank you for sharing this post and reminding many on how not to market on Big Blue.

  • Jaime

    this is halirious Layla. There are individuals that still don’t get it. However, you’re not alone. I have a few run-ins with people like that.

  • Aisha

    Yes we have all made this mistake because we are so excited about the opportunities we have chosen for ourselves. However, we still are building relationship and working with PEOPLE, not products as awesome as they may be.

  • Dan Rosengarten

    Thanks for the awesome words of wisdom

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