A Melaleuca Review: Is it Just a Scam?

companyreviewIf you’re reading this article you have probably been introduced to the Melaleuca products (or Melaluca as it’s often incorrectly searched online) and you’re wanting more information about this wellness company and how it works. You might have read reports that Melaleuca is a Scam but once you’ve read through this page, you’ll not only know exactly what the Melaleuca company is, but how to get fast results out of your MLM home business.

Melaleuca develops, manufactures, and sells 350 different wellness products for the home. Melaleuca advertises that their company and their products are better for the environment and leading the way in Green living. It’s not surprising that an MLM company like Melaleuca is seeing such growth, the Health and Wellness industry is peaking with the Baby Boomers all looking for natural aids to the ailments. Plus with unemployment at an all time high, people are seeking ways to make money from home.


Is the Melaleuca company a Scam?

Melaleuca products are legitimately tested and have been generating some great results. They are priced a little higher than your average pharmacy but most are worth the extra dollars. The company utilizes the ever popular Network Marketing strategy (or affiliate marketing as Melaleuca likes to call it). They do abide by all regulations of the FTC, and are a legitimate business. Melaleuca is not a Scam, but are you able to quit your job and sell the Melaleuca products full-time?

Melaleuca claims that they are not like other MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) companies because they do not pressure you to enrol new distributors. The truth of the matter is, if you want to make money you are going to need a down line that is selling products. Sounds exactly like every other Network Marketing company out there.

So you pay a $90.00 set up fee plus an additional product purchase. To qualify for commissions you must earn 35 points (which works out to approximately $80.00 of product) each month, if you need more product or not.

You are able to cover these points if you can sign up enough members beneath you to also work towards your monthly goal. The Melaleuca opportunity website will show you testimonials of families that are now Financially Free because of these products, but let’s put it in real numbers for you.

In order to be bringing in a decent pay check, that could replace your current income, you’d need a team of at least 100 distributors underneath you that are all actively selling and using the Melaleuca products.

How can you make money with Melaleuca?

Many Network Marketers are opening their eyes to the massive leverage of the Internet. The traditional marketing methods might work for you, calling your friends and family, placing ads in the paper, handing out flyers, going to hotel meetings etc. However, with 97% of MLM Network Marketers failing, clearly those traditional methods need a revamp.

The Internet is changing the face of the MLM industry and is going to be your KEY to success in your Melaleuca Home business.

How To Succeed in Melaleuca ONLINE:

The only way to succeed in any MLM home business, including Melaleuca, is to position yourself online as a professional leader that people want to work with. There are millions of other Network Marketers out there telling everyone why their products are the best. You can’t sell the products, you have to sell yourself.

1,000,000 people search for ways to make money from home every week and the majority of them don’t have a clue how to do it.

Do you want to be seen as another MLM company distributor trying to sell a product online or do you want to be seen as an MLM Expert who can show them how to succeed?

The second option is how you will find TRUE MLM success.

If you’re ready to go straight to the top of your Melaleuca home business or whatever MLM opportunity you are in, and you want to Take Action and learn the strategies that will get you there CLICK HERE

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  • Toby & Layla

    Thank you so much Rebecca for correcting that!!! 🙂 We appreciate your interaction and you taking the time to let us know.

    Toby & Layla

  • Rebecca

    My Melaleuca membership cost my only $29.00 + tax

  • Scottie Burghardt

    Simply experienced these types of ideas you wrote. They are most interesting and also helpful. I enjoy how you position them in to perspective.

  • Toby & Layla

    Thanks for your comments David. We always value the opinions of others.
    However, if people are quiting MLM because they don’t have a good leader…. then they were never going to be successful anyway. There are SO many great leaders out there (especially in the online game) that are willing to teach you what they know…
    Appreciate the comment!

  • David W Johnson

    I think the best attribute to have to be a successful networker is to be a good teacher. Yes, you need to be a leader, but it’s too broad an attribute.

    Too many networkers quit because their leader doesn’t have the foggiest idea how to build a business.

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