A Message to the Brand New Empower Network Affiliate….

If you are a Brand New Empower Network Affiliate there are a few key concepts you must get your head around. There is a lot to learn when it comes to building an online business from home. In many cases it can be very overwhelming…..

That’s WHY Every Wednesday at 9PM EST we’ll be holding a Team Training and Q & A

We want to be communicating with you real time on a platform where everyone can learn together 🙂

Brand New Empower Network Affiliates have the unique advantage of working with the most skilled Online and Offline Marketers, learning strategies that your Upline will tell you “Don’t Work.”

We are here to tell you there is a better way… and when you can harness the concepts we are teaching… you will see a new world of possibility open up right in front of your eyes.

People are generating awesome incomes from home, even the Brand New Empower Network Affiliate. So I believe that if one newbie can have a breakthrough, can get results, then anyone can…. the only difference is you.

Does everyone who tries to start an online business succeed and make money? Of course not.

The question you must ask yourself as a brand new empower network affiliate is:

ARE YOU a Big Enough Badass?

derek steeleDerek Steele is our soon to be brother in law, getting married this summer to Toby’s lovely sister. He’s one of the BEST personal trainers in Glasgow, but is sick and tired of not being paid what he’s worth. But he’s a total newbie to internet marketing…. having only watching us from the distance and never using the internet for more than sports and facebook.

Does his story still have value to offer the world?

Isn’t his knowledge  about Health and Fitness (insert your passion here) in demand and could help people?

Couldn’t someone else in his profession benefit from working with him and learning these strategies as he does?

Yes, Yes, and Yes!

Read his breakthrough he shared on our Facebook Group!

CLICK HERE NOW to Get a Sneaky Peak at the Recording from Last Night’s Team Training!

EN Team Training

If you’re like…. Okay I HAVE SEEN ENOUGH…. I want to work with you and your team. I want to Learn from you guys.

I want to be a BADASS….

then just click the button below and LET’S ROCK AND ROLL.

en team

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