A Moment From the Heart – Toby and Layla

There were many times this weekend at the My Video Talk University that Toby and I had to pinch ourselves. Was all of this really happening?

Looking back only 16 months ago when we were living in the basement of that bar, playing in a band, and didn’t have $40.00 between us…. it’s just so amazing.

The best part about our success over the last year isn’t personally sponsoring 95 People in 5 Weeks,  or Earning 5 Figures in ONE week, Winning Cruises and Trips, Laptops, Ipads, Watches, and Shopping Sprees…. You want to know what it is? The best part is that we’re bringing hundreds of people there with us. We’re helping them change their lives, quit their jobs, pay their bills, and make their dreams come true.

We had a woman come up to us over the weekend who had lost her home and was living in the back of her salon… the new face of homelessness in this country. The fact that we had inspired her, and we showed her that ANYONE can do it…. our story motivated her to create her own story… THAT meant more to us than the $2000.00 Shopping Spree.

For us… the most powerful piece of this equation, the reason that so many people are going to change their lives…. is because of this TEAM. The MVT Rockstars are really doing something E-P-I-C. Getting to hang out with everyone, and laugh, and eat, and drink, and LEARN together, it really hit our hearts hard ….


The announcements that My Video Talk has just released are absolutely incredible. With the new A La Carte Product Line…. the Retails side of My Video Talk is about to explode. Because who REALLY wants to pay $99+ a Month for GotoMeeting? NOW MVT Rockstars can offer all of the products to retail customers, individually! So if you just want a broadcaster, or just want the Webshow….. you can be 100% customer! (Not to mention the incredible residual commissions for Reps for retail only)

We want to thank everyone who contributed to our journey. We could not have done this alone. Our Coach and Mentor, Cedrick Harris… Our Families… and of course our AMAZING TEAM.

My Video Talk has 100% changed our lives. We are Blessed to have found this company at the Right Place at the Right Time….

Watch the Video Below…. It’s One of the Most Important Moments of Our Lives, Where 2 Broke Musicians Really Prove to the World… That YOU and Only YOU Hold the Keys to Everything You’ve Ever Dreamed of in Life.

If You Are Ready to Work With Mentors and a Team That Actually CARE About YOUR Dreams and YOUR Success… Enter Your Details On the Website Below and Let’s Create Your Success Story TODAY.


PS. A Hilarious Competitor is so threatened by the extreme success of our team that they actually FORGED an Email from Toby saying we were leaving My Video Talk. You’ve got to love the B.S. that goes on in this industry. Just incase that email somehow finds you, just know that the Rockstar Team isn’t going anywhere. We Love MyVideoTalk!

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  • Mark Brown

    Toby And Llaya,

    Thank you for sharing that moment of your success. It is great to be apart of the Rockstar Team

    Grateful to be connected with you both and everyone involved.
    Thank You!!


  • sabrina Walker

    Love you guys! We’re taking the world by storm… Are YOU ready for the ride?

  • Brian Tomlinson

    Congrats guys. You guys work hard as hell and give so much in value. You deserve all the success that you get in return. See you next time you’re in the ATL.


  • Nathan

    I’m pinching myself too Toby & Layla! I feel so blessed to be a part of this team. You guys are real leaders and our team rocks! Thanks for sharing this special moment for the world and out Rockstar team to see!

    Nathan L

  • Leida

    Hey guys I am so proud of you! Atlanta was awesome. All of the Leaders were great!

  • Shelley Alexis

    Congratulation Toby and Layla!! You guys Rock!!! So happy to be apart of this team!!

  • Andre Page

    Wow, that’s incredible T&L. Big face hundreds galore:-) Thanks for your leadership and being examples for us all.

  • cedric carr

    Great Job,

    TTO for Life. Love mastermining with you guys after the conference.

  • George Rojas

    Congratulations Toby and Layla! You guys deserve it. Keep on ROCKIN’!

  • Ayanna Mitchell

    This is the best TEAM i have EVER SEEN! I am so inspired as each team member has a story to tell! The online community rocks! I am so hyped about how many lives we will change between now and and February 2011. Money and things are nice but Changing People’s Lives Leaves a Legacy that will remain Forever. We are changing Family Trees! So incredibly honored to be working with each of you!

    Pass it On Family!


  • Philip Blackett

    Truly inspirational! Glad to be working with such a ROCKSTAR team right here 🙂

  • Robin Williams

    Toby and Layla,

    You guys are the best and deserve everything that comes your way because YOU truly do care about this team and I’m glad to be a part of it.

    Thanks for all that you do,

  • Toby & Layla

    Can’t wait to have you on the team Kelly. Let’s make a Rockstar Story out of you! 🙂

  • Kelly

    Wow you guys are awesome. I am praying for my check to be here like now so I can sign up allready!

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