About Toby & Layla Black


Toby & Layla Black

The Epic Journey started for Layla and I back in 2009. We had just moved to Florida from living in the basement of a bar. More on that in a minute.

We headed south to help my (Toby) parents out. They had seen some bad times from the Economy. So we moved down there to get jobs (LOL) and

help them out. Little did we know that jobs would be the last thing we would be doing.

We went to a hotel meeting with my father (Toby) and we never looked back.

We immediately thought we were going to be rich.

Then Reality Hit!

It took us about a year of working our butts off every day. About 11-17 hours a day learning.

Implementing. Learning and Implementing. Then something clicked. We will share what

happened to us later.

Obstacles Layla and I Faced!

  • Building our business while keeping our families a float
  • No money or business back ground
  • No Business training or management training
  • Didn’t know what internet marketing was until 2009
  • Didn’t generate an online lead until 2009
  • Had never seen MLM or Internet Marketing until 2009
  • Friends and family thought we were mad.

Recent accomplishments include despite obstacles:

– Being one of the top income earners in one company and hitting over $100k in one month with just that one company part time.
– Highlighted in a two direct sales websites/magazines for developing teams of over 10,000 in under 12 months
– Built another network marketing team of 3,000 promoters and 6,000 customers in under 4 months all online and being awarded in that company as top producers
– Out of 70,000 affiliates placed #10 in total income earned
– In 2 companies have personally sponsored over 8,000 people part time all online.
– One of the top all time recruiters and income producers in another system that has thousands of affiliates.