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Once you have read all the amazing content that Layla and I have to offer on the Acninc opportunity you will have a much better outlook on this company. Also you will finally know how to start making money in MLM TODAY!

On this beautiful Saturday afternoon up here in Toronto, Canada I was looking at my phone bill to realise that I am paying far too much for my phone usage. So that got me thinking about the MLM Industries Telecommunications Companies.

Hence the Review of Acn and is it a Scam?

First off Acn Communications is NOT a Scam. Acninc has met all requirements set by the FTC. Meaning that Acn telecommunications is a legitimate Home Based Business opportunity.

So Who Is Acn Inc?

ACN is a telecommunications company with offices in North America, Europe and Australia. ACN offers consumers and consultants local and long distance calling, internet, wireless services and other services such as digital phone service with video phones.

A cool new feature that they have put into the service line is video calling. The ACN video telephone allows users to see the person they are talking to in real time. The digital phone service provides unlimited calling to the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. The Iris 3000 is an ACN video telephone with a 7″ screen for viewing. Furthermore, the video telephone supports DECT 6.0 Uniden cordless phones and the ability to get news, weather, sports, and other online content.

What Is Acn Communications Inc?

Acn is a MLM Company set up to distribute a phone service by using the ever so popular business model Network Marketing.

Consultants or Representatives for Acn are paid in an all commissions style pay plan; Meaning Acn Consultants are paid by many different bonuses while getting a discount on the phone service.

Acn Inc Pay Plan

Nearly 15 to 20% of each dollar spent in Acn is on there products. For this reason that’s why there is such a low payout percentage and because of the services they are providing. Also Acn is in a very competitive market. Going up against those big communication giants such as Vonage who does digital phone service for under $25 a month.

The majority of the distributors trying to make it in this company are having a bit of a struggle. They need to maintain an active residual income to reach their desired income level. Acn Rep’s rely on their sales because of the fierce competition that has saturated the market, thus giving them a low percentage of the company’s payout.

With such a low comp rate, according to the industry averages, really hurts acninc distributors. The products and services are great; there is no doubt about that. They provide a great service for the consumers.

The main drawback is that a consultant will need to have a huge sales force doing a lot of business in order to make this a full time income.

Should You Join Acn?

I’m afraid I can’t answer that question for you. Only you know the answer to that. I do advice you to do all the homework before jumping into this or any MLM opportunity.
If you are in the market for a great product and Money is not an issue then I would say yes go ahead.

How to Make Money In Acn?

In order to make money in Acn or any Network Marketing Company YOU have to be leading with YOURSELF first. Yes it does help to have a great company behind you with a product you can “Stand behind”, but you need to separate yourself from all the other Acn Representatives. I mean how many  Acn company self replicated websites do you think are out there? tons.

How do I do this?

I’m glad you asked.

Attraction Marketing.

Imagine instead of you calling your friends and family each day telling them about your amazing opportunity that they would be mad not to join you in. You could have a stream of already pre interested individuals calling you, emailing you and damn near chasing you to join your team.

It makes sense right?

Go after your target market i.e. someone who is either already using your product or service or someone who has made moves towards the business model you are offering.

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