Amway Review – Is It Real or Scam?

Amway Review“Is Amway still existing?”

I’ve heard that question, and it surprises me. Not only is Amway still around, but it’s stronger than ever. 2008 sales were over 8 billion dollars. For some reason, maybe the flash and dash of the latest MLM, people think Amway is dead, dying, or too old-school to pay attention to. This is indeed not the case.


Started more than 50 years ago, Amway grew steadily from an one-product business into a major global operation. The founders, Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel, literally made billions personally from it.

The company expanded steadily over the years and now does business in some 98 countries worldwide. Rich is retired, and Jay passed away in 2004 – their sons now head the company.

Amway still sells the original products that originated the MLM movement – Liquid Organic Cleanser (LOC) and Nutralite. They still use a distributor network, a business idea that allows independent business owners (IBOs) to sell up to consumers as well as recruit distributors. The model of sharing the wealth in a structured fashion is still around and still going strong.


One of the main advantages of Amway is the way they handle lines. After all, products and product sales are the underlying engine that brings the money into any organization. In Amway, the manufacturing is done in-house. Quality is assured and exclusivity is retained.

Along with the standby products, the line of goods offered has extended into more than 450 items available only from Amway or an Amway IBO. These include household cleaning products, cosmetics and jewelry, automotive items and purification units for both water and air.

Of special note is the Nutralite line of organic supplements. Amway develops and maintains these – they even have farms to grow the plants used! The category now includes health supplements; diet and weight-loss products; and several sports/energy drinks.

What makes for a successful distributor? The company name, Amway, comes from a shortened form of “American Way”. The initial company philosophy hasn’t changed – give motivated people a real chance and they will bring it. Let your achievement depend on their success. Over the last fifty years, this has turned out to be a good strategy, both for Amway and its IBOs.

The basic idea is one that has come to be standard in the network marketing industry. Sell good lines that get repeat buyers and offer to sponsor others. Each person who joins contributes to the overall sales of the IBO who signed them up.

The system relies on solid relationships and a motivated distributor network. It isn’t magic or a get rich quick scheme. It is actually much more powerful. A way to initiate a sustainable income stream and magnify your personal efforts by affiliation with others – your success is built from the success of others.

In the end, this means that anybody upstream is working for everyone downstream. Of course, there are new and better methods to reach people, better ways to train, and more modern ways to longer your reach witch are beyond the scope of this Amway review.

Legal issues

The number one criticism of Amway is that it is a pyramid scheme of some sort. Well, sure… at first that sounds right. But in fact, that is completely wrong.

Over the years, Amway has fallen under legal scrutiny. It has always passed the test. The first was in 1979 by the US Federal Trade Commission. The result? Amway was clean.

Two recent ones came in Britain and India. This is as recent as 2007. The result? Amway was (and is) clean. Try as they might, critics cannot make the pyramid scheme idea stick.

Unsure? Ask yourself this question: What happens in a real pyramid scheme? It breaks down because the base of the pyramid eventually grows beyond the number of people available. All pyramid and Ponzi schemes fail in this way. This is how Bernie Madoff got caught. Now, how long has Amway been in business? Fifty years. The criticism is plainly wrong.

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