Anthony Robbins: 3 Decisions that Shape Your Destiny

Monday we talked about the 6 Human Needs…. Click Here if You Missed it!

Tony Robbins says, “Think of the Human Needs as the Target that we’re aiming for and our Beliefs are the Maps.”

To really understand how to Change and how to help others have significant Change these must be our top priorities:

  • Understanding Human Needs
  • Understanding Human Beliefs
  • Understanding the Emotions we Become Habitually Addicted to

We are going to come back to these concepts in some later trainings. Let’s get to the MEAT & POTATOES.

How can you shape your destiny?

“It’s in your moments of Decision that you Shape Your Destiny.” – Anthony Robbins

So what are the 3 Decisions that Shape Absolutely everything in your life?

  • What You Focus On. We feel what we focus on. Where focus goes Energy Flows. So you can focus on the past vs. the future or the risk vs. the reward… but whatever you decide to focus on will effect your emotional state.

  • What Does It Mean? Meaning is the Answer. The meaning we give something will effect how we react, feel, and move forward. For Example do you see a situation as God Punishing or Rewarding you, You Deserve it, or as a Challenge. All very different meanings.

  • The Actions We Take. This is one of the most important Decisions we make. Will we pull back or push forward, will we give up or break through?!

If you want to have a handle on your Destiny and start taking control….. We have some homework for you 🙂

Think of a time in your life when you felt UNSTOPPABLE. Now go through the 3 Decisions you made when you felt that way…

Now compare that…

To a time when you felt deflated and demotivated. Think about the 3 Decisions you made in that situation.

How do they differ?

(Toby and I are currently laying on a beach in Belize right now, which our cruise ship is docked….. Hope you guys are getting some awesome value from these trainings, we certainly did!)

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