Article Marketing Exposed: How We Ranked on Page 1 of Google in an HOUR.

Article Marketing has always been a critical part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you weren’t doing any Article Marketing at all it would be quite difficult to rank on Page One of Google.

It sounds like one of those hype-filled headlines, doesn’t it?

We thought the exact same thing… until we tried it. We knew people wouldn’t believe us, which is why we cut the video below to prove our results. We’ve used so many different Article Spinners, and Submitting software that it takes a lot to impress us.


If you’re doing some Article Marketing right now and you’re seeing tiny trickles of Traffic… this is “SERVER CRASHING” traffic. You’ve really got to watch the video to believe it. In less than one hour, we were one the FIRST PAGE of Google. (We are still pinching ourselves lol)

The Proof is in the Pudding… Watch this Video and See How We Ranked on PAGE ONE of Google With this Crazy Article Marketing Strategy!!!

Try the Software Now 100% FREE and See Your Articles on Page ONE of Google!

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  • David Englert

    Great post Toby and Layla! I’ve been using this strategy for a while with excellent results and I’ve started to use a really great SEO plugin that has taken some of my old articles and has gotten them into the #1 position on Google page 1 and they are now sticking, long term. Finding the right combination of tools seems to be the key!

  • Etieno Etuk

    Thanks Toby & Layla for yet another awesome article. I’ve learned so much from it. Article marketing is definitely a network marketer’s friend. Gotta love it.


  • Joe

    Great video Toby & Layla! I will test out Traffic Dashboard and give you my feedback!

  • Shirish

    Article Marketing Strategy is a must before you start. It is also important that you submit to good article directories. Check for Original Articles Directory.

  • James E Ratcliffe

    Oh yeah, I saw this at T&L’s other site. Great! I’m gett’n closer. Very soon. I’m a comm’n here to get too! LOL
    for real. I like the phrase you guys used “server-crashing”!

  • Ahmed Hashmi

    hey nice article Toby and Layla, great work
    Thanks for the tip


  • Ahmed Hashmi

    Hey nice tip Toby and Layla
    thanks for your advice

  • Sherman Smith

    Thanks for sharing Toby and Layla. I will definitely check out this tool!

    Take Care


  • Angela Carter

    Thanks Toby and Layla for another great article marketing tool. Your post about Kim Roach’s traffic dashboard and your Thursday night traffic training helped to revive my dead ezine articles that were not getting any Google love. Thank you for recommending so many great tools and products! I purchased Traffic Dashboard through your post and now my old articles are getting on the first page of Google. Definitely purchase ANYTHING that Toby and Layla recommend. It’s worth it.
    -Signed former frustrated article marketer 🙂

  • Fran

    Cool thanks for your tips, Article Mk is classic man

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