MLM Online Article Marketing Strategies That Took Toby & I to the First Page in Google Overnight

MLM Online Article Marketing Strategies That Took Toby & I to the First Page in Google Overnight

Last Wednesday, Toby and I were on our weekly online strategies Webinar when we were exposed to a formula that has completely changed our way of marketing online. The expert hosting the Webinar, David Wood, has generated 33,000 leads in 3 months using only these online strategies. I don’t care who you are, those numbers are impressive considering he’s only been using this one strategy and marketing online with our system for 6 months.

Article Marketing has been used within the MLM industry for some time, but no where near as effectively as the strategies shown by David Wood. Commonly people spend the time to write the articles, research the content, and put their piece together, only to have it lost in the sea of the Internet. There it sits, on a secluded island, with no bridges to it and no visitors coming.

Article Marketing is one of the most efficient ways to Market online if done properly because of the search engine aspect. If the article is structured correctly and is promoted in the right way you can reach the top of any search engine you like for pretty much any keyword you choose.


Search engines love unique content and relevant topics.Meaning if you write a well structured article with all the right keys being pushed and you promote it properly so it doesn’t get lost in the sea you can rank high on any keyword niche you choose.This is where this amazing strategy comes into play.

Ok so picture being able to right ONE article and have that content be posted on over 300 sites at the click of a button, while having over 300 links pointing back to the original location of the article. Search engines love original unique content so with this strategy you can spin the article as many times as you like. So every time it is posted it will be a completely different version of the post that came before and the one coming up next.

So here is the step by step process of what Layla and I do every day to rank on the first page of Google nearly over night.

1. Write a piece of original content. This can be on anything, companies,          leaders, strategies. You get the point.

2.Post it on our Blog and use a tool called OnlyWire to book mark it on the top social media sites at the click of a button.

3.Go to traffic geyser and shoot a 40 second video promoting the article we  have just written. Using the original link to drive all the traffic to.

4.Copy and Paste the Article into the Automatic Article Submitter and re spin every sentence 2-3 times.

5.Click send and it’s done.

That is it.

The Automatic Article Submitter is used by the most elite marketers online.

We use it to make the process of article posting stream line.

Using these steps over the last little while Layla and I have been able to generate more leads than we have time and exploded our business into the profit land.

If you would like more information on this strategy or any other Layla and I use please feel free to email us at any time.

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