Barefoot Books Review: The Animal Boogie – Creative,Fun and Addictive!

Barefoot Books ReviewThe Animal Boogie is now popular, maybe even infamous as a bestseller at independent publishers Barefoot Books.

So what makes The Animal Boogie so famous?

It is so obsessive!

Even as I write this I can hear myself humming the tune and jiggling my foot. It is an instant addictive hit!

It Is Such Family Enjoyment!

Barefoot recommend this book for little ones aged 3 to 7. This is not true. My daughter had this when she was 2 and still loves it at 6 ?. On top of that 3 generations have been up and doing the ‘boogie, oogie, woogie’, including a 70+ great grandmother!

Be warned though that once played it will stick with you for a very long time. Be prepared to play it in the car on long journeys to pass the time. It certainly beats arguments and the eventual tiresomeness of I spy. The miles just fly by.

Great for Parties and Groups!

Whether you are preparing a party or are involved in a group or nursery, the Animal Boogie is perfect stuff. It has a musical score for the fearless at the back and everyone can get involved doing their own moves for each animals. Stamp like an elephant and slide like a snake using whatever part of the body you need.

If you have a batch that has instruments you can get those out as well, or make your own. Again an extra plus to this interactive sing along.

Colourful, energetic and all inclusive!

The book is filled with full colour graphics that are bright and beautiful. Each animal is assisted by a different child. Each child is from a different ethnic background or culture. The publishers have really thought about this as well as there is also a girl in a wheelchair. You really can boogie and have enjoyt whatever your color, religion or physical situation. There is something for everyone.

The Animal Boogie is really one of the most fun books I have come across. No one is left out and everyone can join in with their own product of boogie.

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  • Steven Schmeltzle

    Hi Toby and Layla,

    This is a great review on the Barefoot Books. It brings back many fun memories too. Thanks for sharing.

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