Black and Tam Workshop – 26 Hours Behind Closed Doors with 7 Figure Marketers (secret hangout inside)

Word on the street….

The Black and Tam Workshop is already creating a huge buzz in the Online Marketing industry.

Black and Tam Workshop

Black and Tam Inc was founded by Lawrence Tam and Toby & Layla Black, 3 of the Top Online Marketers…. us being Toby and Layla 🙂 We have a mission to simplify the complicated world of Online Marketing and help Entrepreneurs create TRUE leveraged systems online, and TRUE Freedom.

Black and Tam workshopWhat Makes the Black and Tam Workshop so different?

If you’re like most people that are trying to find their way into profit in the Online Marketing industry, you’ve spent a lot of money. You’ve invested in courses, you’ve gone to several events, paid hotels and countless airfares…. you might have even had some Private 1 on 1 coaching.

One of Black and Tam’s students, Marion Mehrer had spent nearly $100,000 on courses, tools, systems, and coaching…

“Had I met you and Toby and Lawrence a year ago, it would have made a huge difference.. and I wouldn’t have had to spend so much money.” – Marion Mehrer

Over 3 Days, 30 Serious Marketers were locked in a room with some of the Online Marketing industry’s TOP producers. Breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough.

At the Black and Tam workshop everything was HANDS ON. All students had their laptops and were building funnels, creating offers, starting JV projects … there… on the spot… with some of the most BADASS Online Marketers, looking over their shoulder, helping them ever step of the way.Black and Tam Workshop

Not only did everyone leave with all the tools and systems in place to build their business effectively online, but the personal transformations that happened in that room are even more powerful.

Everyone in that room, truly harnessed their Value as a Leader, as a Trainer, as someone who has the power to Change Peoples Lives. At the Black and Tam Workshop we got all the Technical headaches that had been holding people back OUT OF THE WAY, to free up more space in their mind to truly harness their purpose.Online Marketing industry

Have you ever searched online to try and find training and ended up in a never ending loophole of things you had to BUY, never seeming to get close to that “Secret” that you were promised?

The 30 Students that participated in the Black and Tam Workshop truly harnessed ALL THE SECRETS and left with a serious competitive advantage in the Online Marketing industry.

Not only do they have advanced knowledge in Marketing, Tracking, NLP, SEO… and the list goes on and on and on… but they POWER OF RELATIONSHIPS is priceless.

We finished the Black and Tam Workshop up with an incredible trip to Disney Hollywood Studios and had the chance to bond and face death (on the Tower of Terror) side by side. People left the workshop with a massive contact list of Accountability and JV Partners and a clear cut action plan to making money online.

Black and Tam Workshop

So the question you’re asking right now is “WHAT DID THEY LEARN at the Black and Tam Workshop????”

Several students that participated in the Black and Tam Workshop decided to jump on a LIVE HANGOUT and share their person experience at the Workshop, and give you access to some of the secrets that were exposed!

Some of the students were complete newbies to the Online Marketing industry. Some were seasons experts like Alicia Stringer who were there to tweak and perfect their craft.

The ages ranged from 22 – 73 and people flew from Venezuela, from AUSTRALIA, from the UK, and all around the United States just to be at the Black and Tam Workshop.

Why would someone fly 28 Hours on a plane just to come to the Black and Tam Workshop?

Press Play to hear from some of the students that went through the workshop and get their first hand experience…..


If you are sick and tired of….

  • Sifting through all the CRAP on the internet to try and find something real
  • Buying course after course in search of “The Secret” only to find another upsell at the end of it.
  • Being confused and overwhelmed and frustrated without a clear FOCUS
  • Feeling like you are ALONE

We invite you to take a look at our Private Team… and see the difference for yourself.


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