Black Belt Recruiting & MLM Lead Secrets Revealed [Inside Scoop]

Have you heard of Black Belt Recruiting? If you are a true Internet Marketer/ MLM Lead Getter you will know Mike Dillard.

If you take this MLM Lead expert and sit him down on the same couch as the industries TOP recruiter Mark Wieser, you know you are getting some amazing stuff. This guy sponsored 25 reps a month and generated TONS of  Targeted mlm leads and was his companies #1 recruiter for 15 months straight.
If you are like 95% of  MLM Marketers, you struggle on the phone.  If you are like 95% of Network Marketing, you struggle at closing. If you are like 95% of Marketers, you struggle at building relationships.

You get our drift right?

Many have turned to internet marketing or buying mlm leads, because they are scared of talking to people. The truth is: You will not be a successful leader until you master this skill. Remember leaders are not born, they are MADE.

The only way to improve your phone  skills & Lead Generation  is TRAINING and PRACTICE.

Like you, we wanted to know exactly what to say and how to say it, you don’t know how long we spent saying the wrong things to people.

You need to listen to how the top Recruiters are doing it. You don’t have to be incredibly smart to be successful… you just have to be SMART ENOUGH to copy someone who already has what you want. $10,000 a month formula seems to be the magic number everyone is hunting for… and this guy has that for sure. SO….

What is he doing to get there?

This CD series and way of thinking really changed our whole thought process when it comes to online  marketing & targeted mlm leads. You know like we know, that offline marketing is a completely different ball game, for instance offline you are making cold calls and using the 3 feet approach so you are making all the first moves, correct?

Online lead generation, you are making moves almost behind the scenes so prospects not suspects are approaching you about your business. That’s why most struggle or even fail when making the jump to online marketing.

So here is the phenomenal thing about Mike Dillard and why he is a top earner and a top leader…. instead of charging for this information, which is critical to your success, he is giving it away for FREE. (We are BUILDING a business right… we need to sponsor Reps)

This course is so good they even make the fanatical claim that if you DON’T sponsor “10 New Reps” per month, you can get your money back! This is no Fantasy!

With Mark’s techniques that he shares with you… (did we mention for free???)… you will no longer sell people. The LESS you sell, the MORE people you sponsor! What a great way of thinking eh?

The less you sell the more you sponsor, infact write that down.
He will expose the FOUR WORDS (that you are probably using) that will GUARANTEE your chances of sponsoring are annihilated. 99% of network marketers are making THIS SIMPLE MISTAKE.

EXCLUSIVELY ADVANCED TECHNIQUES IN THIS FREE VIDEO: You will make your prospect ask YOU to make the decision to join your team FOR THEM!

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