Blog Traffic: It All Comes Down to These 2 Simple Concepts

How Do We Get 1000 Hits to Our Blog Each Day?

How Did a Brand New Blog (Only a Few Months Old) Crash Its Way to the Top 30,000 Websites in the WORLD?

What is the Secret to Blog Traffic? This is a question we get asked every single day. As I sat by the pool yesterday afternoon and read Gary Vaynerchuks’ “Why Now is the Time to Crush It” for the second time a chapter popped out at me.

These 2 concepts are EXACTLY how we approached Blog Traffic, so pay close attention to the Video on this page.

His breakdown for generating Traffic to your blog was so simple, but right on the money.

You guys know that the moment we read, learn, discover a concept that makes us go “Ah ha” we immediately share that with our blog followers. So here it is…..

Click the PLAY Button on the Video Below to See the 2 Simple Concepts that Will Drive Traffic to Your Blog!

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  • Erika Winter-stefferud

    Awesome video! I am amazed at your energy and tenacity….

  • Freddy Rodriguez

    This is a great post Layla! You definitely have a lot of energy and personality! I look forward to your future posts.

  • Toby & Layla

    Great Idea! 🙂

    We’ll definitely work on releasing that video!

  • Matt

    Great video I must say! Hope to have my blog up soon. Could you guys make a video of the plugins you guys use? If so that would be awesome, I’m some what lost on them hehe.

    Matt G

  • Gary

    Thanks Layla, great tip, as always! I’m in the process of putting a blog together right now and I’m trying to remember and use all of the great info that you and Toby provide all the time.

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