Boost Your Online Traffic With 1 Simple Strategy

Everyone is searching for the magic online strategies to get their website traffic numbers up. We wanted to help get you started in the right direction so you can take your MLM business online successfully.

Article Marketing is one of the top online MLM strategies that the big income earners are talking about. However, you might wonder why am I writing articles and not seeing traffic?

There are many online techniques you can use to get your Articles on the first page of Google, or get more clicks on your links. The one that we wanted to share with you in this article is TIMING.

What time do you start working in your MLM business? It’s easy to sleep in when you don’t have a boss or a punch clock. How many of you roll out of bed at 9am, spend an hour surfing the web and checking emails? You don’t start your Income Generating Activity until almost 10 o’clock.

Think about the world of the Internet. When is your target market online?


We’ve specifically started using the strategy of the free social network of LinkedIn to create high volume traffic to our site. LinkedIn is where professionals network so you better learn how to work the professionals. The average income of each user is over 6 FIGURES. The busiest peak times for traffic on this site are between 7am and 3pm, work hours.

If you’re posting your articles to this forum, there is a trick. Every group sends out an email to its members containing the discussions for the day. If your articles are submitted before 7am, they will be posted in every group member’s inbox that morning. Do you think that would help your click numbers?

There are of course other factors that will determine whether people open your article and actually take action and click the link.

We’d like to share with you an exclusive LinkedIn strategy.

This business is all about Marketing, so if you don’t know how to market properly you have to get plugged into the proper training.

Watch this FREE online training on how to generate targeted laser leads using a free MLM strategy, LinkedIn. And start setting your alarm and treating this business like a real business, not a hobby.

LinkedIn Training

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