How to Break Recruiting Records in Any Company. (People Go Crazy for Part 3)

The Third Email in our 7 Part Series ALREADY has a 26% Open Rate, and it was only sent 3 hours ago.

The Training Video inside of Part 3 Exposes the Guru’s Secrets to Shattering Recruiting Records and MOVE PEOPLE into a State of Action.

Below I’ve included the Email for you to Read Over and at the Bottom of this Blog Post I’ve Included the DIRECT LINK to Instantly Access the Video that Has the Potential to Open Up a WHOLE NEW WORLD when it comes to your Network Marketing Company AND your Internet Marketing Business. (Which remember… you must clearly define both and keep them independent of each other)

What are the secrets that Top Money Earners use
to move people to take more action?

How come some people can create Millions in Sales and Volume,
where others struggle and pull their hair out at night just trying to
figure out how to get their first 2?

Earlier today, Toby and I were on the phone with one of our
crazy Millionaire Internet Genius Friends who I’ll allow to remain
nameless for now.


Let’s play a little game.

After reading this story, if you are the first person
to get the “Genius Friend’s” Name…. we’ll send you
$25.00 just for the heck of it.

You can either email back, msg on Facebook or
post on the wall here. <—facebook group

He revealed to me the Ultimate Secret to Recruiting (which I
will share with you in just a moment) and how he’s been able
to Build Massive Teams in the blink of an eye.

“In my 16 years in the Industry I have sold everything from
Telephone services to Magic Juice… and this is how you
Move People…..this is how you break records….”

Before I share the rest of that phrase with you think about this.

  • What would make all the rejection worth it?
  • What in your life would make all the failure worth it?
  • What “End Goal” in your life would make any so called risk, in comparison seem like small beans?
You’re starting to feel the secret already working and you
don’t even know it.
To Learn More on this Subject & To Check Out The Video

Toby and I have recruited hundreds of people… over 300
Personally Sponsored Distributors in MyVideoTalk… nearly
500 Personally Enrolled Empower Network Members

But even we are still looking to our Mentors to push our
success further and we’ve unlocked an Industry Secret that
allow our Team to Finally Make More Money from our Efforts.

You’re probably thinking, why would Toby and Layla share this
secret with me… why wouldn’t they keep it to themselves and
Recruit the World?

You’ll find the answer to that question in Part 6! (Warning: Missing
Part 6 is like operating with one eye open…. so our hint, don’t miss it)

So how do we plan on Personally Sponsoring over 100 People in
our first 7 Days in the company and generate over $125,000 in
Bonuses over the comp plan in just 45 Days?

What secret weapon did we just evoke within YOU only moments

I think you’ve guessed it, we knew you were intelligent.

E M O T I O N.

That’s right. Emotion.

Think about it for a second.

What is it that drives you to eat the oatmeal over the donuts?

What is it that drives you to ask that random stranger you meet
on the street out for a date?

What is it that drives you to spend $600 on 2 tickets to see your favorite
sports team win the championship?


Every single day we make so many of our decisions on Emotion,
whether it is as simple as something we eat or as major as choosing
the partner we’ll spend our life with.

When you truly appreciate, understand, and implement Emotion
in your Product, your Marketing and your Business you will see
the kind of results that some people only dream of.

You know what we mean.

Stepping out of your brand new BMW to be swarmed by friends
and family at the Christmas Party. Everyone envious of the Freedom
you were willing to go out there and CREATE.

Over the past few months, Layla and I have been flying here, traveling
there, speaking to Top Earners and becoming MASSIVE SPONGES
to unlock the True Secret to Building a Massively Successful and Duplicating

Network Marketing Company… and what really builds Network Marketing Leaders.

On our journey we’ve seen a lot of different MLM Products… a LOT.

How do you decide which is best?

How do you know what Product is going to Sell?

It’s easier than you think.

Your Product Must Be Emotional.

The commonality between us people…is that we BUY based on


You just had a light bulb go off, didn’t you?

You now understand how people like Hitler, and Martin Luther King moved the masses so extremely.

You now realize how Apple took a CULTURE and turned it into a Billion Dollar Computer company.

If you thought today was good, tomorrow’s email is the one you’ve been waiting for. Now that we know we’re looking for an Emotional Product… we’ve got to consider everything else.

Remember… same time tomorrow, check your inbox to access our 3 Step BILLION DOLLAR Checklist for selecting the right company at the Right Time.
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Toby & Layla Black

Rockstar Marketing

PS. If you didn’t catch the LINK to the Training Video we made for you….Access it Here Right Now!

Don’t forget.. if you can name the GURU you win $25!
PPS. Urgent: Remember in tomorrow’s email we are going to be sharing

our 3 Step Process for Choosing the Right Company that You’re going to

love, enjoy, and prosper in for many years to come. Don’t miss it!

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