Vlog Challenge: Day 1 “Step Into Your Future Self” [Vlog Ideas]


You probably have some questions about the Vlogging Challenge that the Super Women Announced today. WHY VLOG?: With so many of our Female Leaders CRUSHING IT on stage at the recent Empower Network Regionals, we have been getting lots of questions. How did these women get so confident on stage? What did they do to [...]

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My Lost iPhone created a Riot on the Internet (See Details Inside)


My Lost iPhone is probably jammed in the seat of some Orange and Green cab in Toronto. Or someone has found it and is trying to figure out how to activate it now that I’ve cancelled the service. I like to believe there are people like me that exist in this world… people that would [...]

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To Blog or Not to Blog…. Why I stopped Blogging (The Truth)


Does Blogging Work to Build Your Business Online? Yes….. Clearly Millions of people are reading blogs every day… Your Blog creates a Home Base, a community around your content, and your brand. A blog allows you to build a PORTAL of training and value that your followers come to Know, Like and Trust. Once you’ve [...]

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The Best Popup Webforms for WordPress Blogs – 300% Lead Increase with the Exact Same Traffic


We had an email come in last night asking… What is the Best Popup Webform for WordPress Blogs? As you know we pride ourselves in giving you the most value possible… so we figured if one person was wondering about Popup Webforms, then there were probably more of you out there that would benefit from [...]

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A Simple Widget to Add Facebook Comments to Your WordPress Blog (My Trial and Error Process will Save You Time)


Should You Add Facebook Comments to Your WordPress Blog? Considering we get nearly 1000 visitors to this blog each day… just from FACEBOOK, if you aren’t using Facebook Comments on your blog you are leaving a ton of VIRAL Traffic on the table. What makes Facebook Comments so powerful? Not only can people reply to [...]

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How to Create a Self Hosted WordPress Blog in Less than 5 Minutes (Shocking!)


We told our inner circle about this 3 Part video series over the weekend and the response was so insane, we wanted to make sure our Blog readers don’t miss it! (Because we Love you so much!) Over the next week, we are going to blow the lid off the blogging industry. Video #1 is [...]

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How to Make a Capture Page Like a Guru (The Lazy Man’s Technique)


Anything I Can Do… You Can Do Better! Good Morning! It’s Monday and it’s FANTASTIC. I had quite a few people coming to us asking us How to Make a Capture Page, and we created some of our custom pages that are hosted online. When we record a webinar and want to put it online, [...]

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Traffic Secrets Revealed: How an Affiliate Product Signed Us 3 Reps into our Primary Network Marketing Business


If you checked out our emails this weekend you saw the Traffic Dashboard by Kim Roach that has generated a HUGE Buzz in the Industry and has leading Traffic Expert Guru’s scratching their heads in wonderment. The thousands of Network Marketers that visit our blog each day KNOW that for us to promote a product, [...]

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Online Traffic Review: Who Is Kim Roach?


One of our favorite bloggers online is Kim Roach over at Kim is one of those rare finds in the IM space that consistently provides tremendous value in everything she does. She’s a country gal at heart but don’t let that fool you… She’s been beating out many of the big-name gurus with her [...]

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Top 5 WordPress Plugins for a Blog That ROCKS!


What are the best WordPress Plugins to install for your blog? Which Plugins will allow you to Generate the most LEADS from your WordPress Blog? This little blog your on right now, might not look EXTREMELY fancy…. because it’s not. We did not hire anyone to create it, we simply found FREE TOOLS online to [...]

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