The Cedrick Harris Secret to be #1 Recruiter in Numis Network in 60 Days!

How does Cedrick Harris DO IT!?

This video dives into the secrets of Cedrick Harris. This is exactly how he become the #1 Recruiter in Numis Network.

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Toby & Layla

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  • Eric Burnett

    Cedricks been doing some amazing things….

  • Damien Willis

    haha Talk about under cover networking. Did you guys have to lock the door?
    I don’t think there has been a better insight into the mind of Cedrick Harris. The guy’s a machine!

  • Peter

    Cheers guys. Very entertaining. Im glad there was no wine glass sitting next to the phone. Good job. very few people could successfully pull off a video in that location but … “thats Gold”!

  • Cesar Ramirez

    LOL! I was waiting for you to post this. Classic.

  • JP Letnick

    Hahaha that is awesome! You guys rock! Love it.

  • Jim Chao

    LOL toby, I was wondering why you were sitting on the toilet 🙂

  • Mark Gubuan

    Talk about going deep into a top recruiters’ tool box. Lol. Yeah, since we’re puttin’ it all out there. I prefer to do personal development reading when I’m on the crapper. Dudes take forever. What do you think we’re doing?

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