Creating Leads from Video Marketing (Our Closely Guarded Secrets)

video marketing secretsVideo Marketing can be fun! But before you cut the camera on, there are a few simple rules to follow to make sure that you are getting the maximum return. In the training below we expose some of our biggest Video Marketing secrets!

Some people think we are CRAZY for giving away our Video Marketing Secrets. Some people think we should be charging for these tips.

Why do we give these tricks away to you for FREE?

Because we want to see YOU have bigger results with your Video Marketing strategies!

Why do we cut videos?

  • Brand Awareness
  • Social Proof

If you missed our live training last night then you missed out on some of our most closely guarded Lead Generation strategies for our Videos. Which means, if you don’t want it now… you could continue to make the same mistakes and get minimal results. If you want personal coaching and 1 on 1 help, join our team here.

Video Marketing is the fastest way to establish a strong brand online, but if your videos suck…. then it’s a fast way to ruin your credibility too.

So what are the biggest mistakes Marketers make when they start Video Marketing?

Before you can be truly effective on camera, you MUST get over any insecurities you have of your face and the way you look. Understand that people came to your video to learn something new, not to judge your hair.

Do you want to know my Secret for getting in the Right Mindset before starting my Videos?

It’s a simple strategy that I go over with you in the first 10 minutes of the video below.

People have paid THOUSANDS of Dollars to learn what we shared on this Hangout for Free. Some might say we are crazy for sharing our Video Marketing Secrets but we want to make sure that you are not wasting your time, cutting videos that don’t convert to leads! If you do not yet have an offer or a funnel or an actual way to GENERATE LEADS WITH VIDEO MARKETING then Click Here now and see which one we recommend.

Press Play on the Video Below to Watch our “Secrets for Creating Leads from Video Marketing Training”


Read this outloud with me:

“My Unique Story has Power, it serves a higher purpose. It is my duty to share the value I have inside of me with the world. My Unique Perspective has Power. If just one person can save themselves time, or money or help them have a breakthrough to reach THEIR purpose, I am doing the world a DIS-JUSTICE by not cutting this video!!!”

NOW cut the camera on!!!

If this is the training we give away for FREE… imagine what our TEAM gets access too. If you want to learn more about working directly with our team to get the best Marketing Training online, that actually CARES if you succeed, click the button below and start working with a BADASS team of Mentors and Friends!

Click the Button Now and Stop Marketing ALONE!

Duplication Secrets

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  • Monica Sancio

    Thank you so much, Layla & Team! I am just SO GRATEFUL for this video & hangout, which I will review & implement asap… As well as everything you taught us at your workshop & lunch in Austin… Thank you & see you soon!

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