Daegan Smith Review – Can He Really Generate a 1000 Leads a Day?!

Who is Daegan Smith and what is so special about his Online Marketing Strategies? Is is REALLY generating a 1000 MLM business leads every day?

Once you’ve read this review on Daegan Smith you will understand exactly why you should be paying close attention to him and his Internet Marketing strategies.

He’s an up and coming celebrity in the Home based business industry and top Internet Marketers and Money Earners and Marketing Lead Coaches are definitely taking notice!

Who is this Guy!?

He has definitely earned his self proclaimed title as “The King of Never Calling a Single Lead” but he wasn’t always at the top. Daegan started as a FedEx delivery guy! Running packages and working the 9-5 JOB (Just Over Broke), he knew there was a better way.

Daegan Smith did whatever was necessary to be successful and now builds massive downlines in his respective companies.

Does Daegan Smith Actually Generate 1000 leads a day?

Actually, it’s more. Daegan’s best day was a little over 2600 leads in 1 day. He showed us his back office, this is no hype. His students provide tons of testimonials that his Online Marketing teachings actually work. He is definitely a Network Marketing Rockstar!

The thing that sets Deagan Smith apart from the other “Gurus” in the Internet Marketing industry is that he gets results. 2600 Internet Marketing Leads a day is a little more than results! Here’s the catch… he is willing to show you exactly how he does it.

You guys know that Toby and I are always sharing our top MLM Online Marketing strategies with you guys, so when Daegan stopped by for a 96 Minute TELL ALL Webinar… there was no way we could keep this secret from our followers!

The fact that he didn’t charge a thing for this information is insane! There’s no purchase necessary, no need to buy anything, just PURE PURE PURE value. But we’re not going to allow Free access to this forever… it’s definitely Limited Time.

So get a pen and paper, take notes, and learn how Daegan Smith generates 1000’s of leads every single day!


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  • Nathan McClure

    Wow I was blown away by this guy. If your willing to do the work you can get great results.


  • Bert McClure

    Toby & Layla,

    Now that is value my friends. Thanks for sharing one of the “top masters” in internet marketing with us.

    Over 2,000 leads a day is simply amazing.


  • Toby & Layla


    You are so right Yo! You can pick up nugget after nugget from this guy.

    You are a Rockstar too!!! Thanks buddy.

    Toby & Layla

  • Yo Le

    Hey Toby & Layla,

    I have watched this webinar over and over and I picked up something new every time I watch it. He’s definitely a Rockstar when it comes to internet marketing but so are you guys! 😉

    – Yo

  • Toby & Layla

    Thanks for Commenting Guys!!! Daegan Smith is one of those Elite Marketers that EVERY New Internet Marketer Needs to PAY ATTENTION to.

    @Carlos – Loved Your Article! Great stuff.

  • Bill

    Hey Toby and Layla,
    Thanks for sharing a link to one of the GREAT masters of this great industry. Many people have no idea who Daegen is ….until they hear him …. and then they can’t forget him. If more people would follow his example our industry would be much better off.

    Keep sharing this quality of info and I will keep coming back.

    To Your Continued Success,

  • kathy Sammons

    Thanks for sharing this information with us. Daegan is someone that is willing to help whoever is willing to do the work. You two, Toby and Layla you are also great at sharing you content and it is very much appreciated.
    You guys rock!!!
    Kathy Sammons

  • carlos

    Toby and Layla,

    Nicely done review on Who Is Daegan Smith I have to admit when I first saw his banner at Better Networker I was thinking to myself who’s this cat.To my surprise he’s someone who over delivers in his trainings.

    Awesome post ..I found your blog post to be very informative.


  • Linus Ruzicka

    Toby and Layla,

    I still remember the first time I ever saw Daegan online. It was a photo posted my Mike Dillard with him wearing some shirt that looked a size too small.

    But obviously it worked because I remember who he is now.

    Regardless, that for posting Daegans webinar here. It is certainly one to note as it offers some great insight to something that I think network marketers are missing – especially newbies coming into the industry.

    ~ Linus

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