How David Wood Made $6,000 in 8 Hours When iLearningGlobal Shut Down.

The news hit David Wood yesterday when he got the call that iLearningGlobal was no longer going to be an MLM.

It is always unfortunate to see our friends in the industry get blindsided with news like this.

What did David do?

Because David Wood uses the same Attraction Marketing principals as we do, he has branded HIMSELF not iLearningGlobal. So when the company shuts it’s doors to Network Marketing, he is prepared.

So instead of complaining and letting it demotivate him, he turned on the heat last night.

Think about this: What would YOU do if your company suddenly gave you the bad news? Would your team follow you? Have you branded yourself as a leader?

The sad truth is, you technically do not own anything in your home based business. Your paycheck and your downline can be shut down with a simple phone call. So hopefully you’ve done a good job as a leader….

Leaders in so many companies are realizing the massive growth in Numis Network. Monavie Teams, Mannatech Teams, and now iLearningGlobal Teams are coming on board with Numis Network. WHY? Because Gold and Silver JUST MAKES SENSE.

How Did David Wood Make $6,000.00 Last Night?

He joined the fastest growing Network Marketing company on the Internet today and became a valued member of Team Takeover Marketing with Cedrick Harris!

Yes you read that right.

The Dream Team is absolutely TAKING OVER the Internet with Gold and Silver, and David’s recent decision to run with Cedrick Harris solidifies this.

So if you want to run with the winning team online, take a look at the video on the link below and see exactly how David Wood made $6000.00 last night.

[Trust us… Leaders are Taking ACTION now… So Do NOT Sit on This!]

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  • Kimberly Flores

    After hearing David on a webinar, I can see why it wasn’t difficult for him. He’s got the stuff! I really feel sorry for the iLearning Global company, look what they created!

  • Damaysi Vazquez

    Guys I LOVE your blog and everything you do. Thank you for this post about David Woods. Thank you for being a great example of integrity and true Social Media/Internet marketing.

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