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Good Morning to our Readers!!

Toby and I had some exciting feedback from a great friend and Legend in the industry.

As you all have read, we have seen some pretty phenomenal Google results by implementing the strategies of Article Marketing shown to us by David Wood. We believe in giving credit where it is due, and these Online MLM Strategies have completely revolutionized our business. So we created a Testimonial demonstrating the effectiveness of David Wood’s training and techniques.

This is what David Wood had to say about our Testimonial….

1.  Toby and Layla mention their own website, but don’t over promote it.  This is important, because if you spend 1 minute out of a 90 second video talking about your own sites, then site owners won’t use them for anything, they’ll be looked at as ‘video spam’.

2.  They give actual proof that what I teach works.  Watch the video, you can see the validation by looking at the front page Google rankings in the end.  People who sell products and have powerful sites LOVE videos like this.

3.  They actually promote my site on their video.  A lot of people are afraid to do things like this, because they feel like if they promote other people, they’ll be losing leads.   Nothing could be further from the truth.  Since site owners love this sort of thing, they do crazy things like post this on the front of their blog for a few days on end.  In fact, I’ll probably get Toby and Layla 10-20 leads just from putting this on my front page, if not more, and I’m happy to do it.

4.  They keep it short, to the point, fun, and they tell their story.  Quite frankly, this is a cool video.  I got it just the other day and I thought it was so well done that it deserved an entire blog entry promoting it.  Way to go, Toby and Layla.  These are up and coming internet marketing Gurus.  I recommend you watch what they’re doing over the next few months.

To view David’s full article make sure you click here:

The steps are there to learn exactly how we did it. Toby and I are very good at following instructions and being consistent. It definitely pays off when you have access to these kinds of strategies.

We are going to share something with all of you…. EXCLUSIVE access to the 1 hour webinar recording from David Wood that launched us into this SEO success.


After you have all watched this 1 hour webinar we want you to ask yourself this:

Am I getting access to all the tools and training I need to properly SUCCEED in MLM Online?

If you saw the value in this ONE webinar, this system will blow you away.

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  • Gary

    Thank you for all your work on this site it has been helpfull,I for one will be back.

  • Pammy

    Article Marketing is really a good way in promoting your products and also your website. i used to write health articles on a big pharmaceutical company for the purpose of article marketing –

  • Toby & Layla

    Thanks very much! We really appreciate your feedback. Article Marketing is a HUGE part of our online strategies!

    Toby and Layla

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    Nice tips about article marketing, i do article marketing regularly but the way you presented in this article is awesome. Keep it flowing.

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