Discover Your PURPOSE – Day 1 of the 30 Day Video Challenge

discover your purposeDiscover Your Purpose:

Today we launched a 30 Day Video Challenge and the response was overwhelming. We got home from an amazing weekend in New York City, I turned on my Macbook and as I watched everyone’s videos, the tears were streaming down my face.


I asked everyone to share with my WHY THEY ARE HERE…. I asked them to Discover their Purpose and share it with the world.

WARNING: You will NOT be able to watch these videos without getting INSPIRED

If you want to participate in the 30 Day Video Challenge learn how to JOIN OUR TEAM here and get involved!


You must be committed to Discovering your Purpose, stretching your comfort zone and achieving GREATNESS.

Press Play to Watch MY Video for Day #1


But as you just heard in my video….. it’s NOT ABOUT ME.

If you’re struggling with Unlocking your Power, and you want to truly Discover Your Purpose then take a few minutes to watch some of our incredible Team Mates who shared why THEY exist on this planet.

(Grab some tissues)

Samantha Ackley – Michigan

Jordan “Jomo” Molotsky – Pennsylvania

Sue Soucy – British Columbia


Okay I’ve Seen Enough, I am ready to Join You.


Jay & Portia Precious – Texas

Kat Zapanta – Costa Rica

Tracey Cummings Mathewman – Ontario

Kim Olsen – Arizona

Amber Miller – Ohio

Nicky Waddell – UK

Yes! I Want to Unlock MY Badass!

Valerie Jampolsky – California

Josh Thurman – Illinois

Aisha Black – New York

Keyanna Mayfield – Texas

Ted Hunsker – California

Michael Melanson – Quebec

Donna Harris – Ohio

Erlinda Shen – Oregon

Jason Hottel – South Carolina

Kristin Procanick – New York



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  • Sheri

    Layla, I must say you have brought me to tears yourself. I have been struggling with fear, and want and loosing my passion, mojo, whatever and even loosing myself. I know I am here to serve others and I do every week by feeding friends in our home. But I want to do more, so yes I would like to journey with you to find out what my bigger purpose is and I also want to build a team of spa girls with my company, but how can I do that when I don’t like going to other people’s homes who I don’t know. That is scarey to more, really….so help if you can and thanks and many blessings!!

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