Why Your Company Replicated Site is DONATING Your MLM Business Leads to Us

Retweet this Article Review Toby and LaylaWe aren’t trying to be rude… but the truth has to be blunt here because so many Network Marketers still aren’t getting it. Everyone thinks there is some hidden MLM Secret to generating MLM business leads, or if they could just learn the secrets of the Mastermind Marketers they would finally make it.

The MLM Secret is right here in front of your nose.

Toby and I often talk about the problems with marketing an MLM company replicated website… but maybe this article will finally give you the wake up call you need.

The first law of Attraction Marketing (the big MLM Secret as some would call it) is to brand YOU! It seems so simple that it couldn’t possible be the big hush hush MLM secret that we hear referred to in the online MLM industry so often, right?


Take a few minutes to go to our favourite site, and GOOGLE the top Internet Marketers.

The one thing they are all doing …. every single one of them…. is Branding Themselves.

  • That company website you have… someone else has the same one.

  • That product you have… someone else has the same one.

You need to give someone a reason to want to join you. They need to know you, like you, trust you. What is going to set you apart and make YOU attractive to prospects?

Okay, okay, okay… so even if your company replicated website isn’t producing any real results or bringing in reps to your MLM home business

How’s it donating them to mine?


Let’s say that you manage to send 250 people to your MLM company website, some of them will be interested in the opportunity because there are so great ones out there.

In this day and age… no one throws money into anything without doing some research. Where do we research? GOOGLE.

Google is my best friend… but in this case, it’s your worst enemy.

So your chance is finally here! Someone saw your website and is intrigued by the information there.

Then they type your MLM company name into that little search box and BAM… there we are, ready to scoop up your hot lead.

Toby and I and all the other Mastermind Networkers online know exactly how to capture your lead that you so kindly introduced to us. You need to learn how to do this too.

It all comes back to Law #1 of Attraction Marketing, branding YOU.

You absolutely must position yourself as a leader on the Internet and learn the strategies that we use to happily accept the Donated MLM business leads of other people’s efforts.

If you are ready to learn how to scoop up the donated leads from the other 95% of Network Marketers that are going about this business all wrong and if you want to know our MLM Lead Generation Secrets visit the link below!


You Deserve This Training!

Toby & Layla

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