Don’t Join the Empower Network Until You See This…

The Empower Network has been flashing all around the Internet last week, and now that there are over 3,000 Empower Network members… you can BET you are going to see the Empower Network EVERYWHERE now.

Which makes this Video THAT MUCH MORE Important if you stand a chance at being successful with the Empower Network.

Now that 9000 members are marketing the Empower Network, you’ve got to really focus on STANDING OUT from the noise. Yes, your friends and family probably would LOVE 100% Commissions and they may or may not join… but after you show your warm market, you’re back at square one.

How do I Market the Empower Network????

With 9000 members promoting the Empower Network, you as the eager to join Marketer, must be cautious of where you buy from. Do you want to sign up with some big wig Internet Marketer who sees the Empower Network as a numbers game? No. Do you want to sign up with a sponsor that has Training and Support in place for you to be successful immediately? YES.

PRESS PLAY to Make Sure You Don’t Waste Your Money

Top 3 Factors in Choosing a Sponsor in the Empower Network:

  1. Do you have a past relationship with your sponsor? DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH STRANGERS. Choose a leader that you trust, that you know is in the game and isn’t going to desert you in a couple of months.
  2. Does your Empower Network sponsor have TRAINING in place to show you how to maximize your profits, or are you left to sift through videos on your own getting lost and confused?
  3. Does your Empower Network Sponsor have SUPPORT in place so that if you run into a hiccup you can quickly and easily find a remedy to keep you moving forward?

People within our Secret Facebook Group have Already ranked on the First Page of Google, Have Generated THOUSANDS of Leads and Are Keeping Their Lights on with the Direct Cash Deposits from the Empower Network.

Get Plugged In with a Team of Marketers that are working TOGETHER in the Empower Network so NO MARKETER is Left Behind!

WAIT! Do you need to do more Research on the Empower Network?

1. Top 3 Reasons to Look at the Empower Network

2. How the Empower Network is Taking Over

3. The Empower Network Pays More than Most MLMS

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  • angela hogue

    Greetings Tony and Layla!
    I am looking to change sponsors asap. I love your energy and I would love to be on your team. This blog was truly informative. Thanks for sharing.
    Please contact me.

  • Jasmine

    You are truly an amazing Woman and am so Empowered by you, your honestly, very humble and sincere coming from your heart reference to sharing about your Conversation with God and other Videos. I would very much like to connect with you and am very interested to join you with Empower Network.
    Would like to have some questions answered. I have not as yet able to find your contact information. Do you have a US number for me to connect with you.
    My number is 505 433 8078.

  • james ratcliffe

    You’re much further along than walk than you’re suggesting. A very articulate description of an experience/encounter. Nothing to say other than Amen at this time. And He is the “Yes” and the “Amen”.

  • Toby & Layla

    Support is HUGE especially when taking on a new system or product. We’ve helped a lot of people already generate their FIRST EVER sales online with the Empower Network. Absolutely incredible…

  • Tanisha

    i know you guys helped me out alot and this is what its all about

  • Alecia

    All the support should be in the network helping each other. Keep helping each other for success.

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