Drop Card Marketing: Recruit Nationwide With an Army of Benjamins!

This is for those of you that missed the No Excuses Summit, or maybe you were there and you want to see this training again!

At the end of this blog post we’re going to give you exclusive access to the INFAMOUS Drop Card Training from Cedrick Harris. This special 64 Minute webinar is available only to paying members of MyLeadSystemPro ….

BUT TODAY, we want you guys to all have it for FREE.

Over 70,000 Drop Cards were purchased by Excited Marketers at the No Excuses Summit.

Testimonial: We had a Guy on our Team who Purchased 500 and put them EVERYWHERE in the Hotels and Casino. By the next day… he had a brand new rep!


Recorded Mindblowing Webinar on

How to Use Drop Cards to Recruit

Nationwide Sent Directly to


Oh… Did we mention that YOU can become an Affiliate for DropCardKing.com for FREE and actually make money with this hot marketing tool? Talk about Multiple Sources of Income? We love getting paid and promoting a tool that WORKS.

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