Duplication Secrets of the Rockstars – Peanuts Debut!

Is it true? Are Toby & Layla Duplicating again???

If you looking for Duplication Secrets for your Home Business, you can just click here and get that. However…The real meaning of this post is to introduce you to someone.

Watch this video first, to hear the news… (and get our Duplication Secrets hehehe) then scroll down and check out the image.

Who else is Crazy and Loves it?

Life is unscripted…
Life is a miracle….
Love is everywhere.
So here you have it folks, family, internet friends and colleages… this is our little Peanut.  The post went out at around 3pm EST today.

duplicationsecretsMeasuring in at a whopping 1.7cm, so literally the size of a little peanut…. baby #2 is on its way. We want to THANK everyone who has sent their love our way. We are all feeling it, that’s for sure.

It truly is a gift what we do as Entrepreneurs. Never take it for granted. Being a Work at Home Mom has truly made me appreciate the importance of the role I can play for other women who want to make money while staying home with the wee ones. And having my husband there… (when he’s not touring the world with his band) every day to be a part of them, to be a part of me…. there are a lot of other Dad’s I know that deserve that.

I can’t imagine if I had to drop them off at daycare just to go to a job I hated.

It would be torturous to be away…. especially if you’re forced to do something you don’t enjoy.

At least if I spend time away from my kids, It’s because I’m speaking on stage impacting peoples lives, or coaching and facilitating breakthroughs… fulfilling my life’s purpose.

This is How We Do It. <— Incase you were wondering.

Working from home for the last 5 years has been the most challenging… and REWARDING experience of my life.

The things worth doing in life, are never easy.


Raising two babies under two… NOT EASY, but worth it 😉

much love,

<3 lay

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