Is Eiro Research Just Another MLM Home Business Juice Scam?


The new company Eiro Research is creating quite a buzz in the online and the offline marketing world, but the question people are wondering “Is Eiro Another MLM Home Business Juice Scam?”

Eiro is another revolutionary Health & Wellness company that hit the MLM home business industry in October of 2009.

eiroThe MLM company goes  beyond most other juice lines with products like EiroFit which is an entire weight management system with various products packaged together. They offer EiroLean which is an Energy Supplement Vanilla shake, and EiroBurn which is a metabolism-boosting dietary supplement in a pull form.

EiroEnergy is their new Energy Drink which contains no synthetic caffiene, taurine, or preservatives. They advertise a great-tasting, natural sustainable energy without the crash

With a product line that is publicity backed by a Physician Advisory Board of Doctors, Eiro is definitely not a Scam or a Scheme.

Whether there is room for another Wellness company will have to be left up to the market.

The Eiro compensation plan is set up as a Unilevel plan that pays 5 levels deep. There are 5 ways that Eiro Distributors actually get paid.

Retail Profit

Preferred Customer Bonuses

Team Building Bonuses

Infinity Bonuses

Check Match Bonuses

So here is the question that you really want to ask yourself if you are reviewing Eiro or considering getting involved.

What is going to set you apart from the other Eiro Distributors? And on an even broader spectrum, what is going to set you apart from the other Health Product Pushers out there on the Internet?

When we did some research on Eiro there was no mention of their marketing strategies or any marketing training that they offer.

So to answer those two questions, the only way you are going to set yourself apart is by Marketing YOU. You must learn how to brand yourself as a leader and position yourself on the Internet with effective Online Marketing Strategies.

Eiro isn’t going to give you those strategies and they aren’t going to teach you how to Market.

The absolute answer for being successful in Eiro, or any other MLM home business, is learning how to Marketing online.

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