Are You Riding the Emotional Rollercoaster in Your Home Based Business Every Day?

Okay so before we get into the VALUE…

A lot of our Facebook friends saw the crazy Rollercoaster that we tempted fate with at Busch Gardens. Check out this awesome video of Toby and I riding the Sheikrah!!

OMG Was That Ever Fun!!!

So now, the topic at hand…. does that Rollercoaster ride remind you of anything? How about the Ups and Downs that we all experience in Network Marketing?

The reason I wanted to touch on this topic is because I used to be a frequent rider of that Emotional Rollercoaster. I would get so attached to helping new team members, and then blame myself when they decided to quit.

Who else knows what I’m talking about?

So how can you avoid the Up and Down Loop de Loops that you’re experiencing right now?

The first step is finally realize that no matter what you do or how perfect you try to be, there will ALWAYS be ups and downs 🙂

Secondly is to understand that it is all part of the journey. You cannot achieve Success without first experiencing Failure.

A very smart and successful man in this industry told me while were at Sea on one of the Cruises we’ve won… that to avoid getting nauseous and sea sick from the ups and downs of the ocean…


The constant, never swaying horizon is the cure for wobbly legs. SO, it made me think… when I am riding this Emotional Rollercoaster how can I stop the nausea? I have to find my constant.

What is your Horizon in your life? What’s the never changing factor that keeps you going and keeps you pushing forward through choppy water?

Is it your daughter?

Is it your parents?

Is it your spouse?

Find your horizon and steady your feet. Nothing is going to change the ups and downs, but the way you let them effect you can be changed.

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Keep Rocking n Rolling,

Toby & Layla

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  • Milda Cabotaje

    Keep a steady pace. Don’t try to do to much. Keeping the pace manageable allows you to keep your focus.

  • Carl TE Randolph

    You have great content, keep it up..

    Carl “TE” Randolph

  • Tommy and Salinda Howell

    You guys are so awesome!! Guess we’re going to have to record on the Tower of Terror now……or maybe not!.

    Thank you for your awesome leadership!!


    Wow, what a ride, felt like I was there with you all! Face those fears and hold back the puke! hehe Like calling a prospect for the first time!


  • Karen

    Toby and Layla,

    Another great post from you!!! I loved the video; you are both amazingly inspiring people! You are right, we need to face our fears.

    As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.”

    Have a blessed and prosperous day!!!


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