Empower Network’s Product Line: All Fluff and Hype?

From the Desk of the Cofounder of Empower Network….

Empower Network’s Product Line – A Perspective From The Inside Looking Out

by davidsharpe | on Dec 19th 2011 |

The time was 10:48pm EST. I was tired – exhausted would describe it better.

My body ached and my mind did, too. I had been swinging a hammer all day on a construction site, from the time the sun came up, to the time the sun went down.

It was just another day at the office for me, in the hot Florida sun.

But while all my construction co-workers were at home, watching TV, resting and gearing up for the next day – I was hunched over my little laptop, trying to move an image an inch the right on my blog (A Blog is website software that allows you to integrate ‘Plugins’ from the open source Wordpress platform so you can implement and operate various functions like Facebook comments and other scripts that can turn your blog into a membership site, ect).

I was no ‘techie’, and at that time, hardly knew what a blog was – however, I had caught a bug. It was called ‘entrepreneurism’.

I also had a vision. And it’s the same vision hundreds of thousands of other entrepreneurs have each day. That vision consisted of working ‘smart’ ..not hard – running a sound business, and leveraging the power of Internet technology.

I already knew what the opposite of all those was.

I had worked hard – real hard.

I had seen people run ‘unsound’ businesses.

And I knew plenty of people who were not leveraging online technology, we’re still sticking signs by the road at their office building and were still waiting on someone to look them up in the Yellow Pages for a free estimate.

That kind of ‘marketing’ (if that’s what you want to call it) didn’t work anymore, and if it did, it was rare. Most business that were surviving the economic Tsunami without good marketing were surviving because they served a clientele that had money to spend on their product or service, or because they were still getting enough ‘word of mouth referrals’ to pay the bills and keep the doors open.

And I don’t know about you, but…..

This Was The Business ‘Depression’ I Witnessed In My Neck Of The Woods

The rest of them were spending the majortity of their time licking their wounds from a distaerious hit from the economy.

I recognized this painful truth and was willing to work around the hurdles.

So I combed through YouTube video after YouTube video, and article after article, trying to learn how to set-up my blog.

With no real budget and no solid resources…..

I was left with nothing but a sheer determination as I constructed my online real estate one click at a time.

I worked on my blog very similar to the way I built houses – one nail at time, one screw at a time. I was used to this kind of labor intensive work.

And I had no where to go but up. I was living paycheck to paycheck and had no money to fall back on. I had no choice but to make it work.

I started making a few affiliate sales (affiliate marketing is when you market others products or services and earn a commissions from sales that are made through your affiliate link). With each sale came a little more confidence.

But, I was still stuck in set-up mode most of the time. My blog was not complete and I had no idea how to tie up the loose ends.

It became painfully obvious others were struggling with the same thing.

I pushed forward, and worked 6-8 hours every night, after working 8-10 hours during the day at my construction job.

I realized there was a few other things that would make or break my success, too.

The ability to write effective ad copy (the written word), build effective sales funnels and convert leads to sales.

This was not an easy thing to learn….

…but naturally, I became attracted to it. Not because I’m analytical, but because I enjoyed it and became good at it. I would set up online marketing campaigns, from start to finish, that converted at rates most businesses never see.

I began to write ad copy that pulled in traffic, converted that traffic into leads …and converted those leads into sales.

When I started to see some real success, I realized something. I had lost track of time. I had been working for close to a year, non stop – more than any one else I knew who was building a part-time online business.

This was not normal, and most people didn’t have this kind of time, and weren’t willing to overcome these kind of headaches and pit falls to see results.

Most people quit after they realized how much was involved in just setting up a blog or website.

I also noticed something else (or someone else). His name was David Wood. And he was producing results on a  scale much larger than anyone else I knew.

Dave also came from humble beginnings – actually hopeless beginnings. From his van, homeless, fresh off of losing his job at GreenPeacehe started with a  lap top and a vision. He actually asked his wife to work for two months as a waitress so he could spend all day and night building an online business.

With no solid guarantee of what the outcome would be, they both held up their end of the bargain, and within 2 months, he had a week where he made more than $25,000 in a week (these results are not typical).

Fast forward 3 years.

A few phone calls lead to meeting – which lead to a discussion – where a problem was addressed, and a solution was created.

That problem?

By this time Dave and I had both worked with thousands of people from around the world who all faced the same exact thing we did when we started – most of which were not winning the battle.

So what was the enemy defeating so many entrepreneurs one after another?

Let’s start here…..

Enemy #1

Technical learning curve – people are not technically inclined. Period. I’m still not, and I’ve done millions of dollars in sales online to date. Bottom line – computers are intimidating – then you have to open them and turn them on :) Most people manage to get that part right, type in Facebook and spend most of their time online socializing with friends. And if you want to think like an entrepreneur for a minute, you’ll realize… those very people hanging out on Facebook, are traffic for you business, leads and buyers. That is…. if you don’t get frustrated in the technical set-up process of getting started online and actually get your site up and present them something to buy.

Enemy #2

Misinformation – it’s actually easy for someone to claim they didn’t know right from wrong these days when it comes to building a business online. There’s so many ‘wannabe’ gurus and, to put it plainly – other misinformed people who are helpful with their advice, but have no place giving that advice in the first place. So people find themselves lost in a sea of information overload, most of which is bad information.

Enemy #3

Time – my dad has said this to me as long as I can remember (he has been in the building trades for 30+ years, and would say this mostly when I was taking to long to get something done a job site). He’d say “The clock don’t stop for nobody” – and he’s right. Especially if you have a full time job, a family, and the other things that come along with that, and are trying to build a business online – or take your existing business online for more exposure and better marketing returns. Most of the time, you’ll simply find the old saying is true – “There’s just not enough hours in the day”.

So 99% of people are left with no real hope….

until now.

See Dave and I saw this need. We saw what was happening with people – and there was no end in sight. People were praying on these evident weaknesses and just selling people more information courses promising them they would reveal the secret to push button online profits – but it never happened.

Because building a business online the traditional way takes time – and skill. It takes set-up. It takes investment …and resources …and so on …and on.

So Dave found him self wondering through the foot hills behind his house one day thinking about how he could do his part to put a stop to this madness.

And so was the idea of the Empower Network born.

But that idea needed cultivating. It needed tweaking. It needed a different perspective.

That’s when that those phone calls, turned into that meeting – which turned into the birth of Empower Network.

So what is Empower Network, and how do our products give our customers value they can’t get anywhere else?

First, let’s talk about our flagship product….

The Empower Network ‘Viral Blogging System’

Remember the nights I spent hunched over my computer scouring Google for an article or video that would show me how to move an image an inch to the right on my personal blog? Well, those times would have never existed if I had this. When a customer buys the Empower Network ’Viral Blogging System’, a blog is set-up, on the spot, and is ready for them to start blogging before they even log into their member control panel for the first time. With our proprietary technology, we give our customers the ability to experience ‘plug and play’ as much as they ever will.

As you’ll see from the screen shots below, a customer can be logged in and posting content to their blog, literally, within seconds ….with no set-up, downtime or learning curve.

Step #1 – Log In To Your Back Office

Log in to Empower Network

Step #2 – Log In To Your Blog

Log in to your Empower Network blog

Step #3 – Click ‘New Post’

New Empower Network Post

Step #4 – Blog!

Empower Network Blog

More good news….

The most powerful elements of our Blogging platform are not even seen by the naked eye. Well, maybe they can be, if you count the results you get when you use it.

Something exists in the world of the search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing) called page rank. Think of it as the level of importance your site is seen in the eyes of the search engines. For example, if you have a brand new site, with no pages indexed on the search engines, no social interaction (Facebook ‘shares’ – Twitter ‘tweats’, ect) – you’re site will most likely not be noticed, and therefore dismissed as ‘low man on the totem pole’. All the while sites that do have hundreds, even thousands of pages indexed in the search engines, get lot’s of social interaction, and have other sites linking into them are shown more ‘search engine love’ – therefore ranking easier in the search engine for ‘keywords’ (‘keywords’ are any word or phrase someone types into a search bar).

Let me explain how the search engines look at our customers posts when they post content onto their Empower Network blog.

They see the fact that we are the 298 most trafficked site in the country (as of Dec 18, 2011 – see Alexa.com/siteinfo/empowernetwork.com) – they see that we have over 5,000 sites linking in from other websites – they see that we have people commenting, sharing and interacting on our pages …and that we have over 93,000 pages indexed on Google (this is from people posting blogs and articles on their Empower Network blogs – see below).

En Stats

The REALLY cool part is….

Whether you understand how the Internet works or not, Empower Network will still work for YOU.

This is what our over 12,000 customers are experiencing right now, and why in just 51 days, we’ve sold and set-up 12,310 blogs …and have people who have never made it over the daunting hurdle of ‘step #1 – set-up’ …blogging and experiencing competitive online rankings, marketing online, and even loving the unique ability they have to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas on their blog, and share it with their friends.

After all – some people are here just to blog. They’re not interested in building a business – and they don’t have time to for the technical learning curve you must endure to get a bog set-up. Blogging is quickly becoming a trend amongst Internet savvy people. Just look around. A LOT of websites are not created in html or php code – they are blogs. If you didn’t know what to look for, you wouldn’t know the difference. But most people do – especially bloggers :)

Oh – and if you did get your blog set-up, that’s one thing – getting it designed is another. We provide a customized Empower Network theme so you don’t have to hire a designer (which can cost anywhere from $250 – $2,000) or struggle with doing it yourself. We’ll also be rolling out some new design options for our customers with more customization functionality in the very near future.

In cost comparison, we’re competitive across all lines. When you break down what you would pay on your own, compared to what you get in the ‘Empower Network Viral Blogging’ package, you quickly realize the difference between cost benefit and working smart – or working hard (also important to add in the equation of cost comparison is how much you value your time, and how much you actually have of it).

Typically you will pay for an assortment of things if you actually want to set your blog up right. Monthly hosting ($5-$10/month) – Custom themes ($5-$100), Paid Plugins for better search engine optimization, functionality, ect ($10-$$$?) – Graphics and design ($25-$2,500) …and the list can go on and on.

What do our customers pay? Simple – $25 per month. That’s all. And we’ll do all the set-up, design, technical functionality and host it. You just get started and get to doing what you wanted to do in the first place. Blog, create content and share your message – whether that message is business or personal :)

Here’s What Else The Empower Network Offers…

For our exclusive Blogging customers, we offer two training upgrades they can purchase to learn ‘insider’ marketing training directly from marketers who have actually created substantial online businesses and have the documented results to prove it.

In our first upgrade product…

‘The Empower Network Inner Circle’ Training Library

…marketing experts, who specialize in skill sets like Search Engine Optimization, Copy-writing, lead generation, traffic generation, video and article marketing – have been interviewed in an open and intimate setting where they open up their mindset and daily marketing blueprint for ‘Inner Circle’ members to absorb. In this exclusive and regularly updated educational audio library, customers can download and listen to these valuable audio courses as many times as they want and learn from the leaders and marketers who have the results worthy of the recognition.

Inner Circle Membership

For our more ambitious online entrepreneurs, we offer….

‘The Costa Rica Intensive’ Advanced Training Series

…which is a eleven-hour online video course shot in HD video quality – which documents in extensive detail, a live marketing seminar co-founder David Wood hosted for approximately 10 high-level entrepreneurs in mid 2011 which sold for $2,997 when it was offered as a live event to the public, and sold out quickly.

This 10-video series outlines advanced marketing techniques which are taught in live, seminar fashion complete with audience interaction. This is a truly special marketing course that condensed years of successful marketing achievements into an exclusive 3-day seminar, which was then preserved in this documentary style advanced marketing course.

Costa Rica Intensive

Our educational courses offer our customers and members an education that is hard to find, at this price, anywhere. The quality and pedigree of contributors in our video and audio courses is rare – I dare to say non-existent ….especially under one roof.

Since our launch, we have assisted entrepreneurs in simplifying the entire online marketing process and have actually given them a gift many would deem pricelessthe opportunity to get started. Simple in nature, but powerful in value, is exactly how you could describe the Empower Network products.

Products that truly make a difference to those they serve.

Our mission since the day the idea was graspedto inspire and empower as many ordinary people to do extraordinary things in their lives and in their business – and give those same people an edge we didn’t have when we got started.

The gift of simplicity, and ease of use. To bypass all the clutter, and get to the heart of the matter.

Empower Network – supporting entrepreneurs in over one hundred countries, in hundreds of different direct sales companies, and in traditional businesses in a vast assortment of different industries – who want to learn how to get more traffic, more leads and improve their bottom line.

Welcome to our world – where our only priority is to build strong relationships with our customers and deliver on the promise of providing value through a community of passionate people who care about their success …and the success of others.

We love our customers and members. No where in the word will you find a better group of people. And we challenge you to look – or just join us, and lock arms to help fight the forces of evil :)

In service,

David Sharpe

Empower Network Co-Founder

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Pretty Awesome isn’t it… to have the cofounder of the System sharing so openly how the Empower Network truly came to be, what the vision is, and a detailed look at the Empower Network Products!

Toby and Layla here with one final thought… WHY ARE YOU SETTLING FOR ANYTHING LESS THAN 100% COMMISSIONS?

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