Empower Network Compensation Plan Simplified!

by Toby & Layla on 11/09/2011

If you have been hearing the buzz about the Empower Network, you are not alone.  Over 3000 people joined in one week during the launch!  The reason for the immediate success of this program is the Empower Network Compensation Plan.

The Empower Network Compensation Plan is one of the most unique plans in affiliate marketing or MLM for that matter.  They actually pay out 100% of the commissions to their affiliates!  That is crazy!  That is why people are clamoring all over the internet to get a piece of the Empower Network Compensation plan.

What Is So Unique About the Empower Network Compensation Plan?

Initially what makes this plan so unique is the 100% payout structure.  This insures that you can break even within your business by just referring one person to the network at the same plan that you came in at.  By allowing people to break even after one sale the network has done a couple of things.

If People Can Have their Empower Network System for FREE with only ONE Referal… they will stick with the program FOREVER.

Empower Network has created a culture of people that will remain in the network because there is no reason to leave if you are at the very least breaking even.

Second, they have created a system where if the people remain in the network because they are breaking even then the residual income will also remain constant!

This solves some of the main affiliate/MLM problems that people face.

It solves the affiliate problem of only making 30% on a sale.  That is pretty straight forward.  But even though this is not an MLM by definition it solves the problem of up front -vs- residual income.  In MLM most money is made in upfront recruiting bonuses, then after years of building the residual income starts to come in.

In the Empower Network Compensation Plan if you sign up someone at the basic level, plus the inner circle level, plus the costa Rican Intensive you have made $625 up front (which is awesome) but you have also made $125 in residual income off the bat!

More Empower Network Compensation Plan Awesomeness!

In addition to being the best affiliate payout they also give you leverage by passing up sales.  Your 2nd, 4th, 6th and every 5th sale after will be passed up to your sponsor.  Before you get all bent out of shape about this, think about it with an abundance mindset.  If sales are not passed up then there is no incentive for your sponsor to work with you, plus if you are signing up 4 people per week you will probably making about $900 per week on your own effort. (1 $25 sale, 2 $125 sales and 1 $625 sale)  Not to mention another $275 in residual monthly income.

If you can go out and teach those people to do what you are doing 2 things will happen.  The first thing is that they will not leave the system because they are making money.  This means that your residual is safe because they will not quit.  Second, they will be passing up their 2nd, 4th, 6th and every fifth to you!  What if some of those sales include the Costa Rican Intensive?  That could mean thousands extra a month for you!!!

My Empower Network Bonus

The only downfall of this system is that people might expect to start blogging and just make money.  This is not really the case.  There is a science to blogging.  There is keyword research, on page SEO, and promoting you content with automated back linking tools.  On the bright side, the Empower Network is on an authority blog so content WILL RANK with LESS work.  But it will still take some work.


Over the last couple of weeks we have had hundreds of Marketers message us asking for our help. People make the same mistakes over and over again…. they click around the internet and end up joining the Empower Network with a random stranger. So why are people that have been sponsored by other people asking to be apart of the Rockstar Marketing team?

  • Instant Support to hundred of EN Marketers that are eager to help and assist you as soon as you voice an issue
  • Access to ELITE Marketing training to show you how to get LEADS through your funnel right away
  • DIRECT ACCESS to the Top Leadership in the company (and yes… WE answer the phone lol)
  • Invitations into some of the most exclusive COOPs for paid advertising

3 Steps To Get in the Empower Network with Rockstar Marketing

1) Clear Your Cookies

2) Buy through this Link>>>>Here

3) Go to our Facebook Fanpage “LIKE” my page  and write “Toby and Layla, I bought Empower Network now give me my Bonus!”

Toby and Layla, founders of Rockstar Marketing, are Expert Trainers on Social Media and Online Marketing Strategies. They Are Top Recruiters in Network Marketing and Currently Coach an International Team of Thousands. Toby and Layla specialize in Personal Branding and Lead Generation for small business owners. To Get FREE ACCESS to our 3 Day Workshop and our 2K a Day Formula Click on the Link : www.2KadayFormula.com

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