Empower Network: David Wood is Paying More than Most Network Marketing Companies!?

Why would David Wood release Empower Network with 100% Commissions? Why wouldn’t he take 20,30,40% of each sale for himself… since he designed the Network, he designed the content and the Blog Network (with his partners). So what kind of crazy person gives away money like that?

That’s why the Empower Network is more than an affiliate deal, it’s more than training, it’s more than a tool….

Empower Network is a Revolution.

Network Marketers that have been struggling to find their way online, and spent thousands on courses and systems and trainings, going from website to website hoping to find that BREAKTHROUGH into the 6 and 7 Figure Earners.

Toby and I have seen a lot of “Systems” and a lot of “Guru Products” and Launches… NEVER, and we say NEVER have Toby and Layla been paid like THIS which a system that Sells Itself!

HONEST QUESTION, and Don’t Get Offended….

How much is your residual check every single month from your company? Now you don’t have to tell us how much it is, but think about it yourself…. visualize the Monetary Number on that residual check and honestly ask yourself “Can I change my life with that?”

97% of the People Reading this now, if they answered Honestly, would say NO.


That’s why this thing is blowing up right now. Even though many marketers LOVE their Products, LOVE their Company, LOVE their Team…. they need more money coming in so they can have Money to FUND the growth and development of that Team.


If you’ve done any Affiliate Marketing, you’ll know that when you register as an affiliate for a pathetic 10, 20, or 30% commission… you’re often on YOUR OWN. That’s why the Empower Network is so Unique. First off you’re making 100% commissions… FLAT OUT THAT’S AWESOME. Secondly you are plugging into a community of Leaders, an a clear cut PATH and Blueprint to take you to success as quickly as possible!

Is David Wood Paying More than Most Network Marketing Companies?

Straight Up….. YES.

And yeah there will be some MLM Leaders that will start to get Red in the face as they read this, and we may even get some nasty messages about it later…. but it’s the TRUTH.

BIG FAT WARNING: The Income Mentioned Below Is In NO WAY A Guarantee YOU Will Make Any Money. Your Results Will Vary. Check the average income earnings here!

Stop Scrapping By on Measly Pathetic Paychecks and Start Funding YOUR Online Business Like a GURU with Commissions Like That! Imagine if you had an extra $1000/week coming in, how much BIGGER would you be able to grow your Team? How much more would you be able to invest back into MARKETING???

Success is a Cycle, but Honestly… it starts with Cash Flow.

YES! I Want More Commissions

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  • Arnold Watson

    Toby and Layla simply ROCK!!! Awesome information and content all the time and is the reason I keep coming back for more!

  • Paul Charron

    Toby and Layla, it is always a pleasure hearing you two speak. The Empower Network webinar on Monday night was no exception. I am a newbie in network marketing and really a newbie when it comes to online marketing. When I found David Wood’s stuff, I then stumbled across your stuff. It is amazingly positive people like you guys that makes me think I’ve made the right choice to be involved in this industry. THANK YOU SO MUCH, for your contributions! I look forward to meeting you at an upcoming event! Take care, Paul-the internet marketing locomotive

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