Empower Network Secret Facebook Group Exposed!

After a Powerful weekend at a corporate event for our Primary Company we returned home last night and were worried about how many hundreds of emails, voicemails, facebook messages, tweets, etc etc etc we had missed while we were unplugged.

It’s almost enough to get even the most successful Entrepreneur overwhelmed, right?

Here’s the magic behind the Empower Network Secret Facebook Group. After a weekend of being unplugged from the Internet, we came back to find that people’s bank accounts were exploding over the weekend and people had stepped up as leaders to help one another.

Here’s the crazy part about the Empower Network….

This collective unit of Bloggers/Entrepreneurs/and Marketers are from all different Network Marketing companies. MyVideoTalk, Isagenix, Beachbody, Visalus, Numis, Monavie…. and the list keeps going.

Why would people from different companies band together in the Empower Network?

2262 People in different companies and industries listened to our Conference Call last night… that’s almost DOUBLE from last week.

Watch This Incredible Video I Cut at 7AM This Morning to Give you a PEEK at the Empower Network Secret Facebook Group!

Listen to the Recording of Last Night’s crazy conference call and wait till you hear the thousands of people across the globe chanting “100% Commissions…. 100% Commissions….100% Commissions”

Playback Number: (712) 432-0990
Access Code: 113543

Click this Link if You are Thinking….. OKAY! I’ve Seen Enough! I want to work with the Rockstars and Make 100% Commissions!

See What others are saying on Facebook about the Empower Network

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