Empower Network Success Story: What if you were told you would die?

tough-decisionWhat if you were told you had a brain tumor that would take your life in months?

As more and more people meet Marisol Dennis around the world…. her story is changing more and more lives.

Her time on stage touched EACH of the 1000’s of people in Orlando last weekend.

Take a moment to meet a woman who not only has inspired me to no end… but will be such an incredible role model for my Daughter.

Thank you so much Marisol for being you… (and the cute super woman onesies and my surprise baby shower from the Super Women)

If Marisol has changed your life, click like and leave a comment…. and if you don’t know her: CLICK THE LINK and you will never feel the same about L I F E!

Think about it for a second.

How would your life change if you were told you had a terminal illness and you were going to die.

You were told by a Dr to tell your kids to prepare to live, without their Mum or Dad.

Shocking isn’t it?

How would your life be different from how you are living it right now?

  • What would you do then?
  • How would you live your life?
  • Would you take bigger risks?
  • Would you work harder?
  • Would you set yourself free?
  • Would you travel the world?
  • Tell a loved one you love them?

Why wait until you are dying to live? Watch Marisol amazing story from stage in Orlando.


Click Play Now

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