Empower Network Top Leaders: Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe create a RIOT.


Empower Network Top Leaders

CREATED An Experience for 4000

Marketers in Austin TX.

empower network top leadersDavid Wood and David Sharp have created an army in Empower Network. But the critics whisper (and they always will) that it’s the Dave and Dave show, with a system that brands them.

Is it about Dave and Dave and is it about the Top Leaders in Empower Network?

If you ask any of the 4000 people that just Released their Inner Badass, the Empower Network Top Leaders are a cut above any other leadership team in the industry.

This is no ordinary army. This is the most BADASS army with serious skills in Marketing and Personal Power. Empower Network Top Leaders are Uniquely qualified to teach and move the masses.

“The San Diego Event gave me believe in the company…. The Release My Inner Badass event in Austin gave me belief in Myself.” – Joe, Ireland (Click here to watch Joe’s Video on how Empower Network Goes to Ireland)

Toby and I have search for a Leadership like this our entire career, where we could be exactly who we are, our ideas were listened to and appreciated… AND ENCOURAGED!

I am proud to work with every single one of the Empower Network Top Leaders and it’s not just a company, or my team and your team. We are one unified force with the same Vision. And guess what, it’s the same Vision that 4000 other Badasses just left with.

It’s HARD to Recreate the Riot

that Happened on a Blog Post or

through a Video, but this Video

Will Give You a Sense of What Is

About to ERUPT!

(This video was so badass it scared our competitors to flag it on Youtube!!!)

The Top Leaders at Empower Network are setting the pace for the Industry and Moving the Masses into a Powerful army. What do you look for in a Leader? Do they always have to be the person at the Top? Are their certain traits you look for above others?

We would love to hear your comments below!!!!

The button below will take you to a Video that has the possibility to Change your life. It allowed 2 Broke Musicians and a Stressed out Engineer to create MASSIVE FREEDOM in their lives!

If you are READY to summon your Inner Badass and work with a Team that is FIRED UP Click the Button Below and Take Action Now!


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