Everyone Wants Microwaved MLM Success Online

Retweet this Article Review Toby and LaylaWe live in a fast paced society. Toby and I speak with people on a daily basis that are looking for the Microwaved MLM Success in their Home based business. They want 100 MLM leads to come in a day, they want their downline to explode and they want it in 2:37 minutes.

It’s funny to think of a society without Microwaves. Imagine having to cook everything on the stovetop or in the oven? How would we ever make popcorn?

We bet that if you go to your microwave right now you would see something like “00:13” still flashing on the screen.Microwave_Full

So not only do we want our food cooked in 3 minutes, but we can’t even wait the entire 3 minutes!

We pop the door open with 13 seconds left.

Think of your MLM business like a Prime Rib Roast. Would you pop it in the microwave and expect succulent and melt in your mouth results?

Or does it need time, effort and care to create a masterpiece and have the end product we’d expect from a Prime Rib Roast?

This industry isn’t a lottery ticket, and whoever gave you that impression was severely misinformed.

If you want 100 leads a day it is going to take time and work.

Toby and I often talk about branding yourself on the Internet. What does that really mean and what’s it going to take?

It means that you have to create a presence for yourself and the only way to make that happen is with some dedicated hard work. Creating a blog is a good starting point. Yes you want high conversion rates on your capture pages and auto-responders and lists, BUT you need somewhere where people can see the true you. A blog tells people you are more than a video on a capture page, you are someone that invests time and knowledge back into the industry.

Consistency and Persistency are our 2 favourite words.

If you are providing value to Forums and Social Media Sites on a consistent basis, people will begin to recognize that. However if you blast Facebook with your capture pages for 4 days straight (The Microwave Method) and are hoping for the leads to start pouring in and suddenly on Day 5 you will wake up to 14 voicemails from people wanting to join your business… you will be sadly disappointed.

So don’t treat your MLM home based business like a Hot Pocket that you can set to cook for 3:00 minutes and it will be ready. If you want to see real MLM online success, and you want to have more business leads than time… put some TLC into that Prime Rib Roast and the results will be delicious.


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