A Simple Widget to Add Facebook Comments to Your WordPress Blog (My Trial and Error Process will Save You Time)

Should You Add Facebook Comments to Your WordPress Blog?

Considering we get nearly 1000 visitors to this blog each day… just from FACEBOOK, if you aren’t using Facebook Comments on your blog you are leaving a ton of VIRAL Traffic on the table.

What makes Facebook Comments so powerful?

Not only can people reply to specific comments to keep the conversation interactive and easy to follow, but each time someone leaves a comment on your blog, or replies to another comment…. it is updated on their Facebook Profile Wall.

Facebook Comment Boxes give you the tool to create viral traffic and huge social BUZZZZ around your blog, however it takes more than a Tool doesn’t it? On December 1st at 9PM EST we will be kicking off the Rockstar Blogging Bootcamp, a 3 week intensive training on the ins and outs of Blogging. One secret you will learn is there is much more to blogging than widgets and plugins. When you understand how to engage the audience… when you truly learn how to speak to peoples emotions with your posts, and trigger C O N V E R S A T I O N…. that’s when the viral traffic takes over.

How do you Register for the Rockstar Blogging Bootcamp?

Simple! CLICK HERE to get over to the Facebook Event and just click JOIN. Make sure to share the event with your contacts, even your list…. we assure you, they will be overwhelmed with value! We will be sharing the Ninja tactics of leading Blogging Experts so you can finally start building a culture around your work online and generate INCOME from your Blog!

Press Play to see how Trial and Error FINALLY led me to a SIMPLE Plugin

to Add Facebook Comments to our WordPress Blog

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