Fact: Toby & Layla Resign from MyVideoTalk

It’s Fact: We Have Resigned from MyVideoTalk.

We scanned and emailed the handwritten resignation letter this morning. And we leave MyVideoTalk and Team Effort International with a loving and dear relationship still… but we had to do what is best for us and our family. Where one door closes, a window opens somewhere. And in this case our window is overlooking the beach as the cabana curtains blow in the ocean breeze…. because 2012 is about to get CRAZY.

Everyone has been posting their goals and their Action Plans for 2012 (it’s been awesome to watch all of your videos btw!) and many people have started to wonder…

“Why are Toby and Layla so quiet?”

“I haven’t seen them post anything about their 2012 Goals yet…”

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  • Ankur Agarwal

    Wow…Now thats guts 🙂

    I did it 4 months back and now you guys too….:)

    Best of luck folks ….you guys are crazy and thats what makes you successful

    Ankur Agarwal

  • Andrea Bolder

    You two are just awesome and I know whatever you do, it’s going to be a success. It’s been great learning from you two over the last 16 months I’ve been online and I’m looking forward to what’s in store. The stamp of success is written all over you two =)

  • Jaime

    2011 was a great run for you two. I’m sure whatever your endeavor is for the best. I wish the best and we will meet again sooner or later.

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