11 Step MUST DO Checklist Before Wasting a CENT on FB PPC Ads


Thinking about running some FB PPC ADS?

Is your Facebook Fan page a lonely deserted island with no interaction or signs of life at all?

Before you waste a cent on running FB Ads, make sure you go through this whole checklist!


There are several reasons, if you are in business, you should be using a Facebook Fanpage to market and brand your business online.

I was one of those people who was really attached to my Facebook Profile.

I didn’t want to let it go.

The task of moving all of my engagement and interaction over to a Fanpage seemed daunting.

I didn’t know where to start.

Can you relate?




Let me just tell that you, that once I started diving into the POWER behind Facebook Fanpages for business,  it was like an addiction I couldn’t get enough of.

Now each week I look at my Insights and challenge myself to reach more people, engage more people, and increase the strength of my community. (All of which I had no way of tracking or even knowing over on my Profile)

Since I saw the light of Facebook Fanpages, and made the transition from my profile to my fanpage… I have been preaching to every single one of our clients the importance of the shift.


Just like me, and maybe you… many of them are hesitant, intimidated and finding every reason possible to procrastinate.

I had a client come up to me at a live seminar this past weekend and he stop me in the hall.

“Layla… I know you have been telling me to get my butt in gear and start a fanpage for months now. I am finally ready! Can you sit down with me and make sure I am getting started on the right page? I want to make sure I don’t make any mistakes”

Now when he said I had been telling him to get his butt in gear for months… he wasn’t exaggerating.


However, I learned a long time ago that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.  People will only take action on something when they are READY.

Are you ready?

You wouldn’t be reading this blog post if you weren’t.

So I want to share with you the exact Checklist I shared with my client, so that if you’re ready to start crushing on your fanpage… you can have a clear cut guide that’s going to give you the best results.

Especially if you eventually want to invest some budget into some PAID Facebook Ads Marketing, you want to make sure you have everything in place before you start just throwing money at Facebook.

Below you will read the 11 Step MUST DO Checklist Before Wasting a CENT on FB PPC

Let’s get to it.

facebook fanpage paid ads checklist

  1.    Eye Candy Emotional Picture and Cover Photo

First impressions stick.

And the very first thing that someone sees, the very first interaction and connection they form with you, happens from your profile picture.

Most likely they’ve seen your picture around in comment threads of their favourite fanpages (If you’ve been following the rules to Brand Yourself like an Expert).

They’ve seen all the incredible questions and value you’ve been offering all over facebook, and they start to recognize your profile picture.

facebook fanpage paid ads checklistDon’t bog down your profile pic with words or graphics… keep it simple. The face you want people to recognize, the face (or faces) you want them to associate with your brand… THAT’S your profile pic.

Now keep in mind you want to look HAPPY, approachable, REAL, and in a moment that creates an emotional response.


“Oh wow, what a happy family!”

“I’d love to live on that beach with my husband!”

“I wish I could travel.”

The second part of your initial graphics impact is in your cover photo.

Here you can get a bit more fancy with some text and graphics. If you still are stuck creating graphics that POP, check out this Free Training on our Most Powerful Graphics tool to stand out on Facebook.

Don’t overwhelm your audience with text, websites or make your cover photo too “salesy”

You don’t want to create the feeling of being sold to when your new fan first lands on your page, that will set the stage for resistance in your engagement and communication right off the bat.

facebook fanpage paid ads checklist

  1.    About Section Fully Completed

This is some PRIME bridge building real estate on your fanpage that a lot of people neglect. There are two big big big reasons to take some time and carefully fill in your about section.


First: SEO – Did you know that Google searches these fanpage About pages and shows them when users search out certain key words? Also when Facebook users type into the search bar at the top, if your About Section is empty… I hate to say it, but you missed the boat.

Second: This is your chance to create a connection. This is your chance to speak to your Fans about who you are, what you stand for, and why they want to become a long lasting fan here on your fanpage.


Remember the most important question you can answer for a new fan is “What’s in it for ME?” so the more ways and places you can solidify this answer for them, the more likely they are to become active on your fanpage.


Remember the most important question you can answer for a new fan is “What’s in it for ME?” so the more ways and places you can solidify this answer for them, the more likely they are to become active on your fanpage.


So what’s the best way to tell them who you are?

Humans, by nature, have very short attention spans. The technology era has only intensified this.

The most powerful way to keep an audience focused on your point, is to TELL A STORY.

Not only will you hold their attention, but you will be building those powerful bridges and connecting on a deeper level then just some surface level Bio.

Be as honest and transparent as you can. Tell a painful story… relate with those that have felt that pain before. (Which actually means ALL of us, since we can all relate with pain)

Remember the most important question you can answer for a new fan is “What’s in it for ME?” so the more ways and places you can solidify this answer for them, the more likely they are to become active on your fanpage.

  1.    20+ High Value Posts

Nothing worse than going to an empty fanpage.

Okay, well maybe there is….

A fanpage filled with pitches “The Next Big Deal…” “Join my team” …. “Ground Level Opportunity”…. “Make Money” ….

All of these are big warning signs to any person with a brain.


What are the chances that a new fan is going to pay attention to your posts if they think you are just going to pitch them some deal?

What are the chances that a new fan is going to come back to your page if there’s nothing of value to them the first time they visit?

You’re right….

Your chances are not very good, not very good at all.


Create at least 20 HIGH VALUE posts, impactful images, thought provoking questions, and serious training videos on your fanpage wall before you even think of inviting a single friend.

DON’T FORGET THE HEADLINES! It all starts with the headline. If your posts don’t capture your audience in the first sentence, they are OUTTIE.

Click here To see our 69 Strange but Highly Converting Headlines

fanpage checklist for ads

  1.    Create Engagement

Humans, whether we admit it or not, are always worried about what other people think.

Ever been to a party where the dance floor is empty?

You may even hear your favourite song play from the DJ booth, and even though you want to shake your booty, you don’t move.


This is how me and my sister have taken on the name of “Party Starters”.

Are we very good dancers?

Not really… actually most would call us spastic and uncoordinated.

But we know this. We know it, and we don’t care.

We dance anyways. We are notorious for being the first 2 on the dance floor, looking ridiculous.

Like clockwork, as soon as we get out there and start dancing… one by one more people make their way to the dance floor. A couple songs in and the party is started!

Well… a post on facebook with no comments or likes is just like that empty dance floor.


If people see likes on your post, they will probably click like.

If they see comments, they will most likely leave a comment.

And if they see that others have shared it, guess what they’ll do?

That’s right, they’ll share it!


So how can you get engagement if you’re still building up your community and audience?

By biggest tip for you is to create a syndication tribe. It doesn’t have be a massive tribe where your stuff gets lost in the noise.

We suggest starting with a small group. Finding 5-10 people in the same company, team, or even seeking out other fanpage marketers and connecting with them to start a private tribe.

Even just a few comments can make a world of difference in the engagement of your audience.

And if you are at the point where you are spending money to BOOST those posts, you will see a HUGE increase in your results if your tribe gives your posts some love before you do.

To see some of our other tips for increasing Fanpage Engagement check out this blog post.

fanpage checklist before running ads

  1.    Graphics

Besides your profile and cover photo, graphics on your newsfeed wall are going to MAKE OR BREAK your results on your fanpage.

You could have the BEST content in the world, a blog post that is so rich in value… but if no one ever sees it, what’s the point?

Think about how fast your thumb scrolls through that newsfeed?

Why does it stop?


A few quick tips for powerful graphics:

  •      Use Specific Numbers
  •      Free Tools Like CANVA make it simple
  •      Colours are Key

Graphics is about testing, some colours and words convert better than others. But just remember, NO POSTS without graphics.

Didn’t you find the graphics in this post helped keep you engaged so you can make it to #11?

To see our super ninja toolbox of Free Graphics tools, check out this post here.

FOLLOW facebook rules

  1.    Know Facebooks Rules and Play within them!

2015 was the launch of Facebook new terms and conditions and particularly effecting a lot of Fanpages.

It’s important as a business owner, who plans to invest money to build and grow your fanpage… to KNOW the Rules and how they apply.

If you do NOT play by the Facebook Rules you will quickly start to see your engagement and your reach drop, or worse… your page suspended all together. Your fanpage is an asset to your business, so you want to nurture it.


One of the Rules that I see most marketers are completely oblivious to is the “Ask without ASKING” rule.

You can no longer ask people to click like… ask them to leave a comment… or ask them to SHARE your post.

Facebook is scrolling pages looking for rule breakers so DON’T BE ONE OF THEM.

To see a full webinar on the new Facebook Changes and how they effect your business check out this post.

storytelling on facebook

  1.     Sales Copy/Story Selling

Second to the graphics on a post, the words are the second most important part.

story telling on fanpagesEvery post you share is an opportunity to build those bridges with your audience. How can you do that if you aren’t taking the time to put yourself out there?

Many pages take the easy way… sharing a quote or an inspiring image.

The fanpages that create real culture and a giant community around their brand, you will notice… put a little more care into their posts.

Rather than just a quote, ask your audience what it means to them… share your own insights and perspectives.

Your fanpage is your VOICE, so use it.

Your fans will start to recognize that voice, become familiar with it, comfortable with it, and trust it. This is how you truly build a profitable fanpage, when your audience trusts you.

It’s not easy, and most people never will be able to create this bond.

Taking the extra time to share stories, and master your words… will build a loyal following that will be a huge asset to your for years to come.

Even if you are sharing a simple Quote Image or a Photo you’ve captured, share what that quote means to you. Share how you felt in that moment. Allow your audience to see the REAL YOU by hearing what you hear, seeing what you see, and feeling what you feel.

Beside you will see an example from one of our Team Members. Rather than just sharing some pics, they shared the feeling of a moment.

When you read that post, does it not feel like Kat is speaking directly to you?

She could have easily said, here’s some pics now that I am back home in Costa Rica… but that wouldn’t have had the impact, would it?

customer avatar

  1.    Know Your Avatar

What’s an Avatar?

An avatar is the ideal customer that you are targeting your message to.

Do you want to attract women, men… parents… musicians… artists… free spirits… frustrated corporate employees… entrepreneurs… grandparents… baby boomers… single parents.

Do you think all of these people want the same thing?

Of course not.

So you need to speak to each of them differently.

The stay at home mom isn’t going to relate with the dude stuck in a tie he hates, sitting in the same cubicle day after day. She will have different problems… and different desires.

Clearly defining who your avatar will make all of your marketing efforts more effective. Your graphics, your stories, your videos… suddenly start speaking their language.

Step inside their life….

  • What are their fears?
  • What are their desires?
  • What things are they saying to themselves?
  • What are other people saying to them?
  • What did their past look like?
  • What experiences have they had?
  • What pain have they felt?

video marketing

  1.    Videos

Facebook is putting a lot of focus on Videos recently. They have even customized a new Video Tab for fanpages owners.

So what kind of videos should you have on your page?

First Rule of Facebook Videos: KEEP IT SHORT.

Facebook is tracking everything. They want to see just how long your audience watches your videos for.

Your page will rank higher with Facebook if you have a 30 second video, watched all the way through 100 times… than if you had a 5 minute video that 200 people only watch 30 seconds of.

Keep your long value training videos off of facebook, a blog post, or a website page.

Use Facebook videos almost as TRAILERS, promoting your big stuff.

Second Rule of Facebook Videos: KEEP IT REAL.

Your audience wants to see you in your element. They want to get to know you, your kids, and your dog.

Why do you think reality TV exploded?

Because we are nosey.

Bring your camera into your real world.

irresistible offer

10. Create an Irresistible Offer:

You don’t know how many marketers I see that are wanting to spend money on their Fanpage… putting hours of work and effort into syndicating in tribes and getting likes and comments…. And do not have an offer.

You MUST MUST MUST MUST have some way for your audience to learn more from you.

You may have heard before “The Money is in the List.”

So why are there still so many business owners on line that aren’t building a list?

They don’t know any better. As crazy as it sounds… This education that you and I think as common sense. Isn’t so common.

We have consulted with big multi million dollar companies who do 100’s of 1000’s of dollars online each month in revenue…. And they don’t even have an offer and aren’t building a list.

In a moment I’m going to share with you our exact process of how we create our irresistible offers in any market to generate conversions of 20/30/50%.

But first what is a Irresistible Offer and how do you use it?

An Irresistible offer would be a free giveaway or low cost course, ebook, audio, “how to“ or video training.

Something you demonstrate your brand value to the market place.

Something so valuable…

When your target audience goes through the content. They are blown away and want more and more.

You could use your Irresistible offer on your blog, capture page or Fan page. You would offer this up for someone’s email address or any info you want. This way you can communicate with that person for weeks, months and years to come. This process allows you to turn clicks into long-term clients and multi product buyers.

Now that you know what an Irresistible Offer and how to use it… Let’s chat about how we craft ours each and every time for success. No matter what niche we dive in to.

First thing we do is identify what our target audience #1 and #2 Problems or Issues are. Then we brainstorm strategies, ideas or new ways of thinking to solve those problems.

Then we structure 1 specific technique or strategy that can solve that problem…And that is our Irresistible Offer.


But Highly Effective!

Go craft yours now!


11. Ask Questions

The easiest way to get the buzzzzzzz around your fanpage is to have a bunch of high value and impactful conversations.

The better your content is, the easier it becomes to create these conversations.

fanpage secretsBut a simple technique to get the ball rolling is to just ASK QUESTIONS.

It doesn’t always have to be business related.

Trending Topics can be your best friend here. You know people are already talking about these topics, so why not piggy back on the popularity factor.

How Can You Find Trending Topics?

  • Buzzfeed
  • Google Trends
  • Google+
  • Twitter

Now there is more than just posting about Lindsay Lohan and her recent scandal…..

A big important part of getting real conversation going is YOUR effort.

You might be thinking… MY EFFORT? But I want other people to comment!

People will do what you do. If they see that you reply to each comment, you are always asking interesting questions and genuinely CARE about their thoughts, ideas and opinions… they will be more eager to engage in your conversation.



Now, I want you to think about this….

If you had a new team member come up to you, like I did…. That said “I have a budget for Facebook Ads and I want to start running them… where do I start?”


What do you feel are some of the most critical points on a fanpage before you start throwing money at it?

Why stop at 11… Let’s keep the list going and see how much value we can add to our fellow Facebook Marketers!

If you would like to see our advanced Facebook™ Implementation Guide. You can check it out here…

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    Hopefully this helps everyone like it helped you.

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    And yes, it is YOUR training that I reference in this post for the Facebook Rules… so much value in that training and if people take the time to understand the Facebook Changes, their business will thank them!

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    This is an awesome checklist. There are a few that stood out to me that I am currently working on; my about me. I go back in every few weeks and write it better.

    The reason is because of your #7 find your voice. I am doing it. Every week that goes by, I notice my online voice is becoming more me. Maybe it has to do with all the videos I have been doing and the digging down to talk about aspects in health I would have shied away from previously for being too controversial or worrying that my voice was too strong.

    Playing nice with FB is always on my radar too! Awesome list. Excellent value which keeps me coming back here for more!

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    no one wants to go party at your house if there is NO one there especially if all you’re going to do is…

    Hey.. you want to join my XYZ company… we are going to be RICH!

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