Featured Author: Nicole Stuewe “Break Down or Break Through”

Nicole Stuewe is a strong and independent mother who is now on a path to achieving her goals and the future she dreams of for her and her family. But it hasn’t always been easy. After struggling with an emotionally demanding divorce she was faced with a choice… “Break Down or Break Through.”

Toby and I coached Nicole through many rough patches and chose her as our featured author today because of the inspiring story she has created.

In times when she could have broken down and given up, and no one really would have blamed her… be she did not.

Watch this very quick video that Nicole shot and get to know this amazing woman a little better 🙂

From the Desk of Nicole:

We either break through or break down.

WOW! This is the honest truth.

A year ago I found myself at the end of my rope. I gave up on almost everything that mattered in my life. My marriage had turn into hell on earth… I was extremely depressed. I gave up on life and almost everyone in it.

I was so angry with myself for allowing this to happen. This may sound crazy to some, but a dear friend introduced me to a network marketing company and this would be life changing for me.

After I attended my first large event I began to see hope for my future and a way out of the hell I was living. I started dreaming again. After some time I understood that I first needed to work on myself before I could reach the level of success I was after.

There have been some amazing people who have come into my life and helped me through. I have transformed my life… my mindset… my attitude… I have started to believe in myself more and more.

Now I am very focused on showing my 17 year old daughter that we can break through any situation we are faced with if we have the courage and strength within us. It is also my passion to help others to find their inner strengths and make their dreams come true. It can be done…. I am living proof!

Click Here to Visit Nicole’s Blog

One of the reasons that Toby & I love Nicole is because of her ability to SMILE and have fun. Even at times when there were tears in her eyes… she somehow managed to force that smile to Break Through.

This video of Bloopers was hilarious and a perfect example of Nicole’s bright and silly personality. If you didn’t love her already… you will after this!

Don’t forget to check out Nicole’s Blog at www.NicoleStuewe.com

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