Friday the 13th. Your Luck Changes Here

Friday the 13th may be unlucky for some.

But for a WHOLE LOT of people that were on that webinar last night, they woke up this morning with an extra spring in their step. If you’re one of those people that Took Action on aligning yourself with us for 2012, then you  know what I mean.

I bet you noticed a fire burning inside of you… an excitement… a desire.

Happy Friday the 13th… Layla Black here. And today’s blog post is going to be a little different. I am just going to spill my guts to you all.

As I laid in bed last night (or early this morning) and the clock was flashing 4AM I had a revelation.

My mind started to drift back to our previous Network Marketing Milestone when we went 5 Star in MyVideoTalk. (See Our Resignation Video Here, after you finish reading). I remember working for 3 Solid weeks, no sleep, Webinars 2 times a day for the first 14 days. We were running hard to our target of 56 Personal Sponsors in 7 Days.

This was the White Board we hung at the end of our BED and looked at every night before we went to bed, and the moment we woke up in the morning.

The reason I tell you that story of when we went 5 Star, stayed up ALL NIGHT (Literally till 7AM) entering applications… is for 2 reasons.

The first being, WE DID IT! The sense of accomplishment, the pride, the satisfaction of knowing that we had accomplished our Crazy Goal… it felt reeeeeally good. What can you take from this? Just look at that whiteboard…. remember what I said about us laying in bed and looking at it? Visualizing exactly how it would feel once we hit it. All KEY points in being Successful.

So what’s the second reason… and the MAIN reason I share that story from a Company we’ve resigned from?

Because you need to clearly understand how absolutely Earth Shattering last night was.

Applications are flying in to all of the leaders that are part of our movement so the Exact numbers are hard to say. But when I saw that 56 people had already Emailed us that they were in… and the webinar wasn’t even OVER YET, I was in shock.

But it didn’t settle in until about 4am… as I laid there in bed with Toby asleep beside me.

It hit me like a ton of bricks all at once.

In an HOUR, we had accomplished the same as what had taken us 3 weeks of sleepless nights only a couple months before.


Because this was the Perfect Storm. You’ve seen it all over Facebook already, the #1 and #2 Top Earners in Empower Network have joined forces. Toby and Layla, Lawrence Tam, Brandon Koon, The Social Cowgirl, Marisol Dennis… and the list of leaders rolls on and on and on….

About to SHATTER Records in a Company that is SHATTERING Records.

And guess what, we’re just about to open up international markets… imagine in 2 years from now!

So our second (and FINAL)  EPIC VIP Screening before the Official PUBLIC LAUNCH of this Massive Team that is creating Breakthroughs for 2012… is Saturday Jan 14th at 5PM EST

If you missed last night and didn’t see how our Holding Tank is going to help change a lot of peoples lives…. REGISTER RIGHT NOW.

If You’re ready to feel SO CONFIDENT about the path you are on and the steps you’re taking to get to your Dream Lifestyle that you LAUGH in the Face of Friday the 13th… Click Here Now

With now HUNDREDS of People Taking Action from Last Night’s Webinar… if you haven’t taken a serious look at this movement, the time to at Least be INFORMED is now. You don’t want to be left behind wishing you’d taken action 2 years from now when we’ve created More Millionaires that you can list on the top of your head right now.

If You’re tired of teams filled willed with Hype and Lies and you want to be Part of our Family… Join the Facebook Group and Meet the People that are Taking 2012 by the Reigns and Running Full Steam Alongside You!

Join the Facebook Now!

(See you on Saturday!)

PS. To read the email I wrote this morning that ruffled quite a few feathers Click This Link Now

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